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Simplify Apache Kafka: Manage a scalable and resilient event backbone that transports events to wherever they are needed.
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Build the right foundations for your event-driven architecture

Event Streams provides the core building blocks of an event-driven enterprise, making business events consumable by the applications that need them in real-time and at scale.

Built on open-source technologies like Apache Kafka, Event Streams makes it easy to tap into an entire ecosystem for connectors, analytics, processing and more. 

It simplifies operating and managing Kafka across an entire enterprise by incorporating:

• Operators to deploy infrastructure as code

• Support for event data schemas

• Geo-replication to synchronize data between your clusters

• Workload balancing to run clusters at scale

• Pre-built connectors to access external systems

• A REST API to publish events from anywhere

• A management UI for hybrid deployments

Benefits Resilient available data

Don’t let downtime disrupt your business operations. IBM® Event Automation makes geo-replication easy for rapid disaster recovery and automatically scales Kafka clusters based on demand to ensure business continuity.

Easy deployment and monitoring

Save time by automating cluster deployment and management with a simple UI. Enable users to easily browse messages, monitor key metrics and quickly access data-causing issues and accelerate problem determination.

Secured and protected event

Maintain data privacy by encrypting message payloads, topic names and consumer groups. Secure your Event Streams resources by defining the level of access that each user and application has to each resource.

How Event Streams works
Deploy anywhere Deploying Apache Kafka using Kubernetes operators enables deployments to be identical, consistently secured and easy to manage across your enterprise. The IBM event streams operator, based on the Strimzi operator, helps you deploy, configure and coordinate Apache Kafka’s many distinct components and safeguard production-level availability.

Connect anything IBM Event Streams is equipped with hundreds of pre-built connectors to rapidly connect cloud, SaaS and on-premises applications and data sources, making it easier to begin sourcing events. And for data sources that don’t support a native Kafka client, Event Streams offers a scalable, high-throughput HTTP REST API that integrates seamlessly with the event backbone. View connectors

Access reliably IBM Event Steams synchronizes data between your clusters that are typically located in different geographical locations. Based on open-source Kafka Mirror Maker 2, the geo-replication feature works with any OSS or vendor Kafka cluster and creates copies of your selected topics to help with disaster recovery.

Manage it all IBM Event Streams provides monitoring and management capabilities for producers, consumers and system health. It provides the ability to drill into specific topics and partitions and allows you to view the rate at which messages have been sent, published, and consumed. Gain the ability to inspect individual messages, including the payload and schema, to accelerate problem determination by quickly accessing the data-causing issues.
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