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Gain logs observability with IBM Cloud Logs to help improve infrastructure and app performance
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Data growth is consistently outstripping budget. With it, the burden of observability costs on an organization's cloud expense grows more significant. While reactive tools might be the usual choice, their cost-intensive platforms demand sacrifices in service delivery.

IBM Cloud Logs offers proactive observability, a streamlined and tailored approach to manage logs. IBM Cloud Logs analyze data before indexing, offering insights and decision-making capabilities. With insights to help you to lower overheads, your infrastructure support remains uncompromised, with issues addressed quicker.


Learn how IBM Cloud Logs is the NextGen logging solution for your infrastructure.


Speed up apps collaboration from your data sources and free up resources through logs visibility. Gain full visibility across your hybrid and multi-cloud tech stack. Focus on innovation and software delivery, not on maintaining an observability platform. Hit the ground running with the most common 3rd party integrations and many of out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, log parsing rules, etc.
Gain logs insights and improve performance of your infrastructure and apps. Stay on top of your expanding environment with full visibility and alerting into anomalous system behavior or performance. Query and visualize all your logs directly from IBM Cloud Object Storage without needing expensive indexing or rehydration and with with customizable, long-term retention. Confidently track your digital transformation over months and even years.
Observe more logs for less cost at scale, Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your Observability infrastructure. Say goodbye to data sampling and analyze all ALL your logs with IBM Cloud Logs’ architecture eliminating reliance on expensive indexing and hot storage. Run rapid queries, all directly from IBM Cloud Object Storage. Improve your observability ROI with IBM Cloud Logs TCO Optimizer empowering you to dynamically customize whether logs are indexed and and sent to hot storage or shipped directly to archive.


Alert Suppression Rules

IBM Cloud Logs  detect threats in your log and generate security alerts. When a single alert is not interesting or relevant, you can manually dismiss it. Suppression rules let you automatically dismiss similar alerts in the future.


IBM Cloud Logs  Incidents Screen simplifies your alert response journey from start to finish. Perfect for DevOps teams and SREs looking to eliminate context switching, users can easily identify triggered alert events of interest and drill-down into the underlying logs.

Flow Alerts

IBM Cloud Logs Flow Alerts provide an enriched data logs monitoring and analysis approach, allowing you to harness the power of logs, metrics, traces, and security in a single, streamlined platform. The y tool not only notify you of a problem in your system but also allow you to understand its cause and how to prevent it in the future.


With IBM Cloud Logs, focus on innovation and software delivery, not on maintaining an observability. IBM Cloud Logs  offers the most common 3rd party integrations and out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, log parsing rules, etc.

IBM Cloud Logs includes integrations on CI/CD, files, PaaS platforms, Containter orchestration, databases and more.

Log Metrics

Log Metrics enables you to generate metrics from your spans and logs to optimize storage without sacrificing important data.

Log Aggregation

Log Aggregation is an automatic log clustering feature that condenses log entries into a narrow set of patterns using machine learning. It does so by automatically analyzing each log record sent to IBM Cloud Logs, then separating the log constants from its variables.

Log Query

IBM Cloud Logs is a powerful tool for querying your logs. By mastering how to query you will be able to find specific events out of logs generated by your applications.

With this skill, you will be able to investigate issues, create alerts, and visualize your data.

Hosted OpenSearch View

Visualize your data using IBM Cloud Logs hosted OpenSearch without having to integrate your enterprise instance of OpenSearch with your IBM Cloud Logs account.

Auditing Events

Investigate abnormal activity and critical actions and to comply with regulatory audit requirements while events data collected comply with the Cloud Auditing Data Federation (CADF) standard.

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