What if you could rethink your business with AI and IBM automation?
Discover how high-impact automations can help make your IT systems more proactive, processes more efficient and people more productive
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The goal: higher productivity and better decision-making at lower cost and greater speed

Only 54% of AI projects (link resides outside ibm.com) make it from pilot to production, and the ROI on enterprise-wide initiatives averages 5.9%, well below the typical 10% cost of capital. To be impactful, AI should integrate into existing workflows and systems, automating key processes across business and IT – for growth and cost reduction.

We can help you prioritize the most rewarding opportunities to streamline work, increase operational efficiency and improve customer experiences – and then put those opportunities into action and optimize for continuous improvement.

For leaders who prefer to reduce the number of vendors they buy from, you can take advantage of our complete, yet flexible, portfolio of essential integration, AI and automation technology plus our expert support for improving business and IT performance, like:

Rethink & Automate

Where would you apply AI and automation to improve one of your critical processes?

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What can we help you automate? FinOps Solutions

Learn how FinOps solutions can help you maximize business value by managing cloud costs and optimizing application resourcing.

AIOps solutions

Discover how AI drives more efficient IT operations with tools for enterprise observability, automated operations and incident management.

IBM Integration solutions

Securely integrate applications and systems across your ecosystem to remove data silos and power digital transformation.

Application delivery

Empower DevOps teams to rapidly and securely modernize existing applications and deliver new cloud-native applications.

Client stories

A multinational manufacturer saves over USD 650,000 in wasted cloud cost and dramatically cuts IT service tickets.

Using AI assistants to automate data gathering, IBM® HR employees responsible for developing and retaining talent saved 12,000 hours in one quarter.

Camping World

Using an AI assistant, the number one retailer of recreational vehicle (RV) globally increased customer engagement on all platforms by 40% and agent efficiency by 33%.


European Fintech leverages APIs to provide digital on-boarding for Know Your Customer regulations to hundreds of banks with 6x new customer conversion.

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Learn how to reposition your IT teams from “cost centers” to “collaborators” and how to tailor, update, or even rethink your approach to your IT and AI strategy.

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