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Learn what’s new for CxO’s pioneering intelligent automation initiatives.

Why automation matters

Work as we know it is changing 

Forward-looking enterprises use automation and AI to augment their core strengths, supplement their weaknesses and empower their people to focus on what’s important. Automation with AI enables your entire organization to be always-on, optimizing the delivery of goods and services to provide seamless continuity in dynamic markets.

The rise of intelligent automation

Automation technologies are developing at a breathtaking pace, and business leaders are faced with prioritizing areas to automate, and then choosing between technologies. 

This report from Forbes shows how operating executives are viewing their automation journeys — especially as intelligent automation becomes a reality.

The power of automation + AI

Digitizing the work and applying the power of AI allows you to:

  • Identify previously unseen opportunities for automation to have the greatest impact.
  • Scan millions of pieces of data in a fraction of the time a human could.
  • Drive autonomous decision making and continuous process improvements.
  • Balance human and machine tasks to build the optimal collaborative workforce.


Improved customer experiences


decrease in service desk tickets with cognitive technology and robotic automation¹

Accelerated application-building


client application solutions quickly built on an IBM automation platform²

Heightened return on investment


ROI achieved by a leading banking client using an IBM automation platform³

We offer financing

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1, 3 The Total Economic Impact Of The IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By IBM’s Automation Platform, A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Commissioned by IBM, March 2019 (PDF, 967 KB)

2 IBM internal data