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Leverage abstraction to reduce complexity and communicate designs and models concisely
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What is IBM® Rational® Software Architect Designer?

Improve your solution delivery outcomes with IBM Rational Software Architect Designer. The solution reduces complexity while helping you comprehend, collaborate and communicate more effectively. 

In addition, it helps you manage risk and compliance more easily while improving the productivity and quality of applications and services.

Benefits Reduce complexity to speed innovation

Deliver your innovation and maintenance backlogs faster using graphical abstractions.

Improve communication and collaboration

Ensure your entire team can understand and contribute to your project to help improve delivery outcomes.

Ease compliance and risk management

Use abstraction to preserve design intents and tribal memory, and to provide auditable evidence of conformance to policies.

Which option is right for you?
IBM Rational Software Architect Designer

Simplify architectural modeling with this integrated design and development platform.

IBM Rational Software Architect Designer for WebSphere®

Leverage your IBM WebSphere investment with this advanced application design, modeling and development tool.

Frequently asked questions

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This extension connects business requirements with solution designs. It provides integrated architecture frameworks and requirements management. This enables you to represent business concerns and link them to your solution architecture requirements, representations, value files and spreadsheets.

This extension integrates business requirements with solution architecture requirements and designs. The solution has both UPIA and DoDAR support. The extensible environment supports additional architecture frameworks and their iconographies, queries, views and reports.

This extension enables you to create deployment specifications. It provides topology templates and deployment models to ensure your software solutions deploy correctly on the first attempt. It also reduces development risks and improves communications throughout development operations.

This extension includes key functionality for deployment planning, and tool palettes and templates to enable reuse and standardization. It creates specifications to reduce risks and improve communications.

It integrates with UML and Eclipse, enabling conceptual representations (UML and SoaML) and concrete representations (enterprise archive and web archive) of to-be-deployed software to be mapped to plans.

This extension enables you to design and deliver SOA solutions targeting IBM WebSphere® environments. With this extension, you can design and deliver Java Platform, Enterprise Edition solutions for IBM WebSphere Application Server and Portal to maximize efficiency of your WebSphere investments.

This extension provides a core set of tools for application development. It also provides Rational SOMA 2.9 practice guidance that supports service identification and specification and transformations including SOA realizations and harvesting service representations.

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