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What is IBM Cloud® App Configuration?

Many organizations are moving to cloud-native development. For these organizations, speed is more important than ever. IBM Cloud App Configuration addresses the need for speed and granularity of configuration by offering a central configuration store combined with feature flags that help modify environment configurations and app features on the fly.

Use cases

Feature rollout Use feature flags that don’t require app redeployment. Roll out features to different users at different times.

Dark launch Make new features available to developers and testers only, allowing them to test directly in production.

Runtime management Manage configurations from a centralized console and propagate runtime changes to all regions at once.

Canary testing Randomly apply feature variants to a percentage of users. Monitor the result. Roll back if something goes wrong or continue the rollout if all goes well.

Benefits Improved control

Manage configuration values across services, clouds and environments from a central dashboard.

Easy monitoring

Send configuration events to Sysdig and Activity Tracker on IBM Cloud.

Reduced complexity

Reduce source code complexity and troublesome merges by using feature flags in master branches.

Developer flexibility

Decouples feature rollouts from deployments and provide a DevOps “kill switch.”

Key IBM Cloud App Configuration features
Single dashboard

Use collections to organize flags by app or resource and easily manage and configure complex applications.

Granular control

Activate features for different segments at different times, or vary features by segment or percentage.

Flexible feature rollout

Decouple feature rollouts from deployments to eliminate time-consuming pipeline runs.

Instant rollback

Simply toggle feature flags in the cloud dashboard to roll back problematic features.

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