IBM and Microsoft are collaborating to support a hybrid cloud approach to mainframe app modernization.


Accelerate innovation with DevOps for IBM® zSystems®

Want to fight disruption and innovate faster? It’s all possible when development teams make use of agile, modern DevSecOps practices, and deliver applications through an automated and integrated pipeline —the backbone of the value stream. DevOps for IBM zSystems hybrid cloud portfolio offers capabilities and best practices to accelerate delivery of your hybrid cloud solutions with higher quality, while minimizing risk.

The most effective organizations include IBM z/OS® applications alongside cloud-native applications, treating IBM zSystems as just another platform. This approach empowers teams to use a single pipeline to orchestrate the development, integration and deployment of an application across multiple target platforms and environments with the right security rules in place.

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BNP Paribas boosts autonomy, agility, control (2:54)


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BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas logo

BNP Paribas

Boosts autonomy, agility and efficiency with software development on IBM zSystems.

Sun Life

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Sun Life

Improve agility with faster discovery and accelerate digital transformation.

Garanti BBVA

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Garanti BBVA

Increase developers’ efficiency and accelerate development and testing phases.

State Farm

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State Farm

Combines the agility of DevOps with the security of IBM zSystems.

Capabilities of DevOps on IBM zSystems

Accelerate software delivery for enterprise applications that run on IBM Z and hybrid environments.


Work smarter

Understand the relationships between z/OS application artifacts and the impact of changes.

Discover API candidates

Quickly analyze IBM zSystems apps to discover API candidates, identify cryptographic exposures and understand the impact of changes.

Manage workflows

Adopt faster release cycles by enabling your teams to efficiently manage plans, tasks and project status.

Continuous integration

Deliver at speed

Bring your own IDE to develop, debug, and build apps with IDz and problem determination tools.

Modern cloud developer experience

Build, analyze, and test IBM z/OS® app components in a containerized environment optimized for Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Get to market faster

Get on-demand access to z/OS in minutes to speed the development and testing of cloud-native applications.

Continuous testing

Shift-left testing

Run app integration testing earlier in an open, automated test framework to accelerate continuous integration.

Provisioning environments

Develop and test mainframe apps on cloud instances or on-premise.

Unit testing

Use code coverage and unit testing tools for batch, CICS and IMS products, as a component of IDz.

Continuous delivery

Automate deployments

Leverage rapid feedback, continuous delivery, and audit trails.

Provision to multicloud

Enable development and operations automation, and unified workflow, on z/OS and z/OS software.

Build better, faster

Standardize DevOps, including z/OS applications, across your enterprise

Enterprise Bug Busting

Struggle to deliver improvements with speed and quality? Check out this ebook written by IBM Distinguished Engineer Rosalind Radcliffe.

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