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Review tested and deployable architectures that enable use of leading-edge hybrid cloud and AI technologies so you can better meet your changing business objectives.

IBM lets you stay ahead of the curve by helping you build architectures that improve developer productivity and simplify how you manage hybrid cloud–based applications. No matter where you start your architecture journey, we offer the deployable code, learning resources and consulting engagements to see you through to the end.

Reference Architectures

All of our reference architectures are deployable through the IBM Cloud console or by IBM Supported code patterns. We also offer or recommend the ideal technologies and products for complete implementation.

Resources IBM Well-Architected Framework

The IBM Well-Architected Framework provides recommendations and best practices to help hybrid cloud architects design secure, performant solutions.

Hybrid cloud solutions

A smarter strategy to drive real business transformation with hybrid cloud solutions

Editable architecture diagram resources

Easily create your own architectures with architecture diagram templates that use simple icons to represent architecture components.

Take the next step        

If you need help or have questions anywhere along your architecture journey, we can help. Book a meeting with one of our experts in IBM Garage, where we work collaboratively with you to find the right answer for your business needs.

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