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Consolidate, publish, analyze and visualize data for software and systems engineering in one view to speed up decision making
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Unlock insights for improved decision-making with reporting solutions that bring together data across the engineering lifecycle.

IBM ELM insights and reporting help you consolidate, publish, analyze and visuzalize data for software and systems engineering.

Through a linked data approach, ELM reporting solutions helps seamlessly consolidate data from various sources, visualize engineering lifecycle insights, and automate precise document-style reports. Streamline operations, enhance compliance, and drive project success with our integrated solution. 

ELM reporting options

How to choose the right reporting option for your needs and explore other possibilities.

Benefits Improve engineering quality

Reduce the time spent finding, querying and analyzing engineering data and its relationships.

Increase innovation

Focus on new ideas and improvements instead of trying to find information and report progress.

Demonstrate compliance

Access views of cross-tool and cross-domain data in the context of compliance standards.

Accelerate time to value

Use the cloud to get up and running faster and focus on technological innovation.

Make the right decisions

Gather meaningful data with dashboards and analytics to help you respond rapidly to both positive and negative indicators in your projects.


The bi-directional data in the digital thread will enable functional, software, mechanical, and electrical engineering domains with a single source of truth.


Effortlessly analyse cross-tool data, improving insights and collaboration through an open architecture.

Work flexibly with data, using a tool that adapts to various sources and formats seamlessly

Quickly begin with templates, while maintaining traceability for effective risk assessment and process management.

Automate high-quality, compliant document creation, saving time and ensuring requirements traceability.

Enjoy the freedom of working with a data-agnostic tool. Easily manipulate data sources and output formats without external tools.

Jazz Reporting Service

The default reporting option for the IBM ELM. Quickly and easily consolidate data from a variety of sources across your tools and project areas. It consists of 3 components: Report Builder, Data Collection Component, and Lifecycle Query Engine. Jazz Reporting Service is included when you purchase IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

Engineering Insights

Helps you visualize, analyse and gain insights from engineering lifecycle data. Engineering teams can improve their understanding of relationships in lifecycle data and make more effective and timely decisions. Engineering Insights unlocks your engineering data from various lifecycle tools and helps your organization maintain and demonstrate compliance with regulatory and industry standards.


Automates the generation of document-style reports across your deployed Jazz™and third-party tools, whether these reports are needed for formal reviews, contractual obligations, regulatory oversight or ad hoc use. Built-in capabilities extract data from a range of data sources to help reduce manual work and risk oferrors. Out-of-the-box templates help ensure your projects get up and running quicker.

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