Java Spring Boot

Learn how Java Spring Boot simplifies development of web applications and microservices with Java Spring Framework.


Event-Driven Architecture

Learn how event-driven architecture works and how it contributes to improved flexibility, reliability, capability, and performance of cloud native applications.


Data Warehouse

A core component of business intelligence, a data warehouse pulls together data from many different sources into a single data repository for sophisticated analytics and decision support.


Public Cloud

Learn what a public cloud is and what it offers compared to—or together with—private cloud and hybrid cloud computing models.


Data Recovery

Learn the basics of enterprise data recovery and find advice for choosing the best-fit data backup and recovery solution for your enterprise.


Apache Kafka

Learn about Apache Kafka, the open source streaming technology behind some of the most popular real-time, event-driven user experiences on the web, including AirBnB, Netflix, and Pinterest.



This guide highlights everything you need to know about Terraform—a tool that allows programmers to build, change, and version infrastructure safely and efficiently.


Data Centers

Learn about data centers—physical facilities that make enterprise computing possible—what they contain, what’s involved in building one, and the benefits and risks of shared data center resources.


Message Brokers

Message brokers are an inter-application communication technology to help build a common integration mechanism to support cloud native, microservices-based, serverless and hybrid cloud architectures.


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