ProductPac is a "built to order" deliverable -- product(s) ordered are built according to a copy of the customer's SMP/E CSI that are shipped through physical media or the internet.

When a ProductPac is ordered, an option to upgrade the services of all the products which reside in the customer's CSI is available, also known as a full-upgrade ProductPac.

Selected optional products of z/OS 5694-A01 can be ordered and manufactured in a ProductPac, namely, Communications Server Security Level 3 and System Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Security Level 3.

ProductPac is installed using the CustomPac Installation Dialog - the same dialog used for ServerPac installation.

Follow-On Services (SFS) come free with an order of a ProductPac. Once ordered, the customer can then select the 0-3 of SFS and the intervals of 1-180 days between them. SFS contain hipers, PTFs fixing PEs and Reach Aheads which help to stabilize products installed over a specified period of time.

ProductPac is available for Internet delivery for orders placed using ShopzSeries in countries where it is available.

In addition to Internet delivery, ProductPac is orderable on DVD. Installation using DVD requires a workstation with a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer) format and a network connection to your z/OS system.