Data and AI security services  
Comprehensive and critical protection for enterprise data, applications and AI
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Data, applications, and AI play a vital role in today’s digital economy, enabling organizations to innovate, adapt, and stay competitive. Ensuring the security of these essential elements, as well as meeting compliance requirements, is crucial.

Our data and application security services provide proactive, strategic solutions with comprehensive protection to safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property, ensure compliance with regulations and data privacy, and reduce the impact of cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity in the era of Generative AI
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Provides help along your cloud journey

Consulting, systems integration and managed security services help protect critical data, on premises or on a hybrid cloud.

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Simplifies audit and compliance workflows

Centralized visibility across cloud environments and continuous threat monitoring help you prepare for audits and reporting.

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Protects and mitigates security risks

Continuous data discovery, classification and baselining, access policy control and ongoing cybersecurity services and vulnerability management.

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Optimizes time of limited resources

Build a robust, cost-effective data security roadmap by shifting security staff hiring and training to IBM data security experts.

Capabilities Data and AI security services

Enables organizations to secure data across multiple clouds and on premises data centers, protect against data breaches and reputational damage and be prepared to meet both compliance demands and privacy laws.

Secure DevOps services  

A comprehensive suite of security solutions including secure DevOps, application security testing and compliance, and secure coding best practices. The service empowers organizations to develop, manage, and deploy secure applications with confidence.



Cryptography security services

Addressing a wide range of challenges including multi-cloud encryption and key management, data masking and tokenization, quantum-safe preparation and more, these services range from niche, detailed assessment and strategy modelling to complete design, implementation and management of core cryptographic services.



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Use cases North American technology company  

The Data Security Services team enabled the organization’s privacy and data officers at all levels to uncover, analyze and visualize data-related business risks and take corrective action. The solution enabled the company to visualize data risks across thousands of applications, respond to audits, report to executives and avoid fines resulting from non-compliance with GDPR and other regulations.


Global telco

With the assistance of Data Security Services experts, this telecommunications company encrypted their sensitive data, decreasing the risk of data breaches and regulatory risks while increasing use of automation to upscale their encryption use with ease. The client can now integrate key management with other cloud providers, notably AWS and GCP.

Major US airline

Working with Data Security Services experts, the airline achieved accelerated security operations maturity, maximized native cloud security controls and enhanced security posture and compliance for their 500+ applications and data. Business operations were modernized with improved cyber resilience in their cloud environments and reduced defects and risks that could lead to financial loss.


Meet our experts Jim Lessard

Jim Lessard has over 37 years of professional experience in data security solutions. At IBM Consulting, Cybersecurity Services, he heads the data and application security practice for North America which includes strategic leadership, the development of capabilities, and the delivery of projects including encryption, key management, DAM, DLP, CASB, and DAP/DCAP. Prior to joining IBM, Jim managed the full data protection program for the largest broker/dealer bank in the US.

Dinesh Nagarajan

Dinesh is a Global Partner in IBM Consulting, Cybersecurity Services, and has over 20 years of cybersecurity consulting and transformation experience. He regularly advises CxOs in the domains of data security, DevSecOps, quantum safe security services, and cryptography strategy. Dinesh serves clients in advisory assignments from delivery of solutions, to advancing operational security activities.

Antti Ropponen

With over 18 years in the cybersecurity industry, Antti is an experienced cybersecurity professional with a passion for protecting sensitive data and applications from cyber threats. As the Executive Partner and Global leader for data and application security at IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services, he brings a deep understanding of data and application security best practices, and a breadth of knowledge regarding emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Areas of expertise include data security, quantum safe cryptography, application security, secure DevOps, cloud security, and security strategy.

Resources Latest on data security

From complying with regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR to protecting assets through encryption, learn about the latest concerning data protection and privacy.

Latest on application security

Explore insights on application security basics as well as in-depth topics such as cloud migration and securing a mobile app.

Security in the quantum computing era

The importance of quantum-safe cryptography in the digital economy—updated with the IBM Quantum Safe roadmap

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Cloud and platform security services

Retain security, visibility and control as you move applications to the cloud with the help of IBM security experts.

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