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We are the business and technology partners of choice. We work with you to design solutions specifically for your needs. We integrate leading technology and IBM’s advanced R&D labs to transform your business into a cognitive enterprise. No one has helped more businesses grow globally. We deliver sustained value for clients that make a difference in the real world.


experts and consultants redesigning processes, apps and cloud infrastructures

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of the world’s largest banks are supported by IBM Services


cloud patents and 1,400 AI patents in a single year

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of the world’s largest automotive companies are supported by IBM Services

IBM Services' end-to-end capabilities help companies become cognitive enterprises

Journey to cloud

Expert guidance, implementation support and managed services to help you simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud.

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Accelerate business transformation and agility across multicloud deployments

IDC examines and highlights key enterprise needs and requirements in utilizing hybrid cloud services.

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AI and advanced analytics

Uncover insights and power your data with AI to make smarter decisions, reimagine customer experiences, and transform your enterprise.

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See why IBM is ranked the #1 Cognitive Assistant Service Provider by HfS in 2018

AI is revolutionizing the way business is done. It is increasingly more important to stay up to date on the latest breakthroughs and see how they can apply to your company. 

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Business continuity

Defend your business, maintain availability and recover quickly in the event of disruption.

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Perception Gaps in Cyber Resilience: What Are Your Blind Spots? 

Register for the latest Forbes insights report to learn the hidden risks of shadow IT, cloud and cyber insurance. 

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Intelligent workflows

Learn how your data, paired with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and automation, can help you build a cognitive enterprise to avoid disruption and reinvent your business for the future.

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The Cognitive Enterprise: Reinventing your company with AI 

A new era of business reinvention is dawning. Explore our cognitive playbook: Seven essential actions that lie at the heart of successful digital and cognitive transformations. 

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Technology Support Services

Save time and money with our expert IT support for over 30,000 IT devices across all OEMs.

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Learn how IBM Technology Support Services is Saving Businesses Time and Money 

New Forrester study confirms clients can save as much as 25% with IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services.

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See how IBM Services helped other businesses in their digital transformations

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Our experts in business, technology and industry design use advanced technology to help you reduce cost and risk, accelerate speed to market, create new revenue streams and establish a security-rich and reliable infrastructure that's ready for AI and hybrid/multicloud.