Let IBM manage your SAP workloads so you can focus on innovation and new opportunities

Managed services for SAP applications enables agility and resource optimization. It does this by supporting and optimizing underlying operational functions. Areas like security and compliance reporting, and application and service delivery to lines-of-business, become more predictable from a cost, resource and workload perspective.

With this kind of visibility, organizations are able to proactively choose accommodating SLAs, establish preemptive threat protection and resolution, and accelerate cloud adoption.

What you get with managed services for SAP applications

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Speed-up cloud adoption

Improve your agility and time to market by transferring your SAP application onto a managed cloud.

The SLA you need

Choose the SLA you need, extending from the virtual machine to the operation system (OS) to the application level.

Increase security, compliance

Preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution helps mitigate potential damages.


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