Run workloads successfully across new environments

Mainframes are core to large enterprises and multiple industries rely on the mainframes for critical business functions. When it comes to supporting mission-critical transactions, mainframes possess legendary reliability and are critical to today’s hybrid cloud world. As IT leaders face the challenges of efficiently developing, deploying and managing software across distributed environments, they're looking to existing investments for answers.

While mainframe is designed to address these demands, the critical applications and data residing on the mainframes need to be modernized to meet the digital needs of enterprises. To be competitive, enterprises need ready access to mainframe applications and data to fuel new business initiatives.

IBM Consulting accelerates your digital transformation with hybrid cloud utilizing the best of mainframe and public cloud together to gain over 2.5 times the value of public cloud alone. We instill modern methods and practices in your organization through our IBM Garage methodology to unify mainframe investments for faster innovation and help you acquire new skills for sustained growth and success. Our tools and accelerators help untangle complexity to deliver value, rapidly and iteratively, while reducing risks. We help you place applications and data on the platform that fits your requirements, all without constraining you to a single cloud architecture. The result is an agile and seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud platform with mainframe at the core. 

 Our approach focuses on incremental modernization of the mainframe landscape that helps you unleash the full potential of mainframe by:

It’s called enterprise mainframe application modernization. And IBM can help.



No matter where you are in your transformation, IBM can help

Mainframe application modernization is just one part of your overall journey to the cloud. Discover what it would be like to modernize your entire application estate with help from IBM. 

Realize value in weeks, not months

Accelerate your mainframe application modernization strategy with an agile, expert-led methodology to increase productivity and reduce costs. And we always work to minimize risk in the implementation of your solution.

Get on-demand access to mainframe

Accelerate cloud native development and testing of z/OS applications with z/OS Virtual Server in IBM Cloud® Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It's your own protected space in the IBM Cloud with the security of a private cloud and the agility of a public cloud.

Increase agility and continuity

Gain market-leading security and enterprise scalability with IBM Cloud®, a full stack cloud platform with more than 190 products and services covering data, containers, AI, IoT and blockchain.

Simplify and reduce complexity

Get support for your underlying hardware infrastructure, with IBM providing a single point of contact and accountability for all your cloud and mainframe management support needs.