Cloud strategy charts and coordinates your cloud journey

From cost savings and scalability to total transformation and faster innovation, get your hybrid multicloud strategy right and then follow through and achieve it.

With a clearly defined implementation plan, the right enterprise cloud strategy can transform your infrastructure, enable enterprise agility and speed digital transformation. Our strategy creates solutions based on resilient, hyperscaler-specific and data-aware platform architectures built on a secure framework. These steps enable us to create an integrated and sequenced transformation program that achieves business outcomes while measuring and delivering value incrementally.

IBM positioned as cloud native transformation services leader

The HFS Horizons: Cloud Native Transformation, 2022 report recognized IBM as Horizon 3 with "driving transformation with hybrid cloud assets and differentiating M&A investments."

Use cases

Reduce costs and enable application scalability

Accelerated enterprise cloud services provide rapid discovery and prioritized disposition of application and data assets.

Identify areas of change in foundational processes

Operating model recalibration helps identify core processes for continuance, idle and change stemming from remote work.

Connect business goals to IT architecture

Our capabilities address your specific needs, such as support with cloud environments and cloud security to facilitate your cloud journey.



Up to 40% TCO reduction through implementation of our recommended cloud transformation roadmap¹


Up to 25% accelerated time to market¹


Up to 25% improvement in developer productivity¹

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¹ Results are general estimates based on IBM’s experience and may vary.