IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator is a platform designed specifically to help businesses accelerate cloud adoption with consistent and predictable outcomes so they can navigate with certainty. It supports a wide range of applications and landing zones enabling both hybrid cloud and platform-native modernization, and integrates and orchestrates a wide range of migration tools across IBM’s assets and products, open source, and third-party tools.

IBM Consulting teams use the Accelerator to deliver hybrid cloud journeys with specific execution and transformation steps that take a workload from the source deployment to a transformed cloud deployed end state. The platform provides flexibility to choose what to move and when based on your business imperatives. It enables consistency and provides an accelerated modernization process end-to-end from rapid discovery to solutioning and low-touch delivery.



Up to 40% faster planning¹


Up to 30% lower cost delivery¹


Plan and manage your hybrid cloud migration with predictable outcomes and lower risk.

Cloud transformation planning

Create a wave plan for migrating and modernizing workloads to cloud.

Application and workload analysis

Collect infrastructure, application data, target state preferences and produce optimized cloud modernization paths for each workload. Optimized for time, cost and business benefits.

Migrate, modernize and build

Migrate workloads to the cloud or develop new applications natively on the cloud with our unique journey-based, automation-first approach with low-touch factory squads to deliver with predictable outcomes.

Application and platform design

Create technical blueprint to guide the implementation for consistent experiences across different cloud platforms and services.

Configure cloud services

Automate the build-out and configuration of the cloud platform and the required cloud services for the application workloads.

Day 2 operations

Drive consistency in the cloud operation regardless of choices of cloud providers or landing zones.

Strategic partnerships

Microsoft Azure

Hyperscale your cloud journey with Azure

Hyperscale your cloud journey with Azure (01:44)

Hyperscale your journey with Azure

Use our industry-leading Cloud Innovate methodology and cloud technology tools for application development and management to help accelerate growth, efficiency and innovation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hyperscale your cloud journey with AWS

Hyperscale your cloud journey with AWS (01:44)

Hyperscale with AWS Cloud Services

Using agile methodologies and extensive reusable blueprints, we can help speed your design, migration and operation on AWS Cloud regardless of your industry segment.

Google Cloud Platform

Hyperscale your cloud journey with Google Cloud

Hyperscale your cloud journey with Google Cloud (01:44)

Hyperscale with Google Cloud

Gain support for modernization and migration of your cloud computing workloads and applications to Google Cloud and other multicloud platforms.

IBM Cloud

Illustration of a woman working on a laptop

IBM Services for IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud with Red Hat brings together market-leading security, enterprise scalability and open innovation for increased agility and continuity.

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Hybrid cloud strategy and architecture consulting services

We work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap and ecosystem partnerships by combining our deep industry expertise with technology insights.

Cloud application modernization consulting services

Our application modernization methodology, powered by Red Hat, helps you execute a seamless migration and modernization to cloud that is secure, cost-effective and agile.

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Using a cloud-native build strategy accelerates innovation at lower costs, helps achieve faster time to market and drives revenue growth with open, secure, hybrid multicloud platforms.


¹ Results are general estimates based on IBM’s experience and may vary