HR operations and outsourcing services
Essential AI-driven HR processes that result in better end -to-end experiences while reducing operational costs.
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AI-first approach to modern HR operations

AI can build high performing operations that enable HR to deliver consumer grade employee experiences. Imagine a day when your employee has access to everything they need, on the timeline and channel of their choice – and with a human touch, if required.

IBM Consulting’s AI-first approach to modernizing HR functions enhances employee experience while reducing costs.  Our proven approach offers an agile service delivery model that delivers on your HR commitments today, while boosting operational efficiency. With AI enabled HR functions that automate and elevate productivity, your team can focus on innovations that propel both your employees and business forward.

Our operate-and-transform framework covers different elements of HR , such as general tasks, benefits coordination, payroll handling, and employee support. Our deep industry and process expertise powered by an ecosystem of partnerships enable end-to-end transformation of HR workflows that deliver exceptional experiences and business outcomes.

Learn how HR can facilitate a generative AI-enpowered culture and serve as key advisor for operating model strategies

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IBM is a major contender for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services in 2023

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Leading in an era of continuous change Discover how a dynamic HR management operating model—focused on intelligence and flexibility—will allow organizations to anticipate disruption, practice risk management and seize new opportunities while adhering to HR policies. Read the white paper


Explore how you can improve employee experience, advance your talent agenda, accelerate your HR digital agenda and decrease operational costs through modern HR operations and outsourcing function.

Workforce forecasting and planning

We partner with organizations to forecast future staffing needs based on historical data, current trends, and future business goals, helping HR professionals identify the number of employees required and what skill sets they need to achieve business goals. Provides operational talent insights needed to make smarter planning decisions through AI and analytics.

Talent acquisition

We design, build and can operate talent acquisition solutions (including RPO) which comprises of recruitment marketing, sourcing, screening through to onboarding—all designed to drive smarter applicant tracking, decision-making, attract higher-quality candidates and accelerate business results in keeping with employment laws.

Talent and skill development

We leverage AI and automation to build a modern, skilled workforce with a culture of continuous learning. Identify and maintain the skills and competencies your employees and business need by recording and managing relevant employee training and maintaining records to support talent development, maintain qualifications and meet the ever-increasing reporting requirements.

Core employee data management

We design, build and can operate your employee’s life cycle, from onboarding to personal data changes, internal mobility, time tracking, promotions, leave and separations. Our agile operations and service delivery teams, integrated with our digital workers that include HR experts, ensure your employees’ data is maintained efficiently, effectively and securely.

Payroll and benefits

We provide end-to-end global payroll and benefits global and local solutions, maximizing your investment in your Cloud HCMs as well as tapping into the market leading capabilities of our ecosystem partners. We can integrate with our contact center and employee data management, payroll services and streamlined HR processes to maximize your human resource functions, brining in ecosystem partners to enable workforce management solutions.

Reporting and compliance

We use data and insights to drive continuous improvement and innovation to process, platform and delivery. Combining data from HR technologies and other internal and external data sources, allows us to not only provide HR support but turn data into actionable human capital insights. We provide a new lens on employee and candidate behavior with operational efficiency and compliance.

Co-create with IBM Garage™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Strategic partnerships HR transformation with Oracle

Accelerate your journey to Oracle Cloud and accelerate time to delivery and optimize your HR function to drive value and strategic growth.

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HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors

 Improve your employee experience and operational effectiveness to help transform human resources using SAP SuccessFactors.

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HR transformation with Workday

Transform your HR by applying cloud and AI technologies to Workday solutions.  Remove inefficiencies, reduce HR operating costs and build engaging experiences.

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Recruiting automation with IBM watsonx Orchestrate

Streamline HR processes with Watsonx Orchestrate and allow your HR team to focus on higher-level work while offloading tedious tasks.

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AI, Automation and the augmented workforce are transforming the future of work. Learn how to make the most of human-machine partnerships. Learn more about the augmented workforce
A new frontier for the future of work

Generative AI will change how we work and what skills we need—and it’s happening faster than we expect. Learn how CEOs stay on top of these fast shifting changes.

Experience is everything

Generative AI will increase employee expectations—and give you the tools to meet them.

Seven Bets: The new social contract

Skills scarcity and demographic shifts are defining the new social contract. Leaders are driven towards AI-first enterprise automation programs and more to succeed.

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HR transformation

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Employee experience consulting

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