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Accelerate your hybrid cloud and AI journey with IBM and AWS for greater cost and performance 
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A premier consulting partner for AWS

In a challenging environment, companies continue to look at cloud modernization and generative AI being agile and gain competitive advantage. As an AWS Premier Partner, IBM Consulting™ brings business and IT transformation expertise, methodologies and tools—from across industries—to accelerate your hybrid cloud and AI journey on the AWS Cloud. IBM’s expertise in security, enterprise scalability and open innovation with Red Hat® OpenShift® help businesses grow quickly on the AWS Cloud.

IBM Consulting has more than 21,000+ AWS-certified cloud practitioners, 17 validated service delivery programs and mastery in 16 AWS competencies to develop cloud-native apps in the AWS Cloud environment. IBM continues to strengthen AWS competencies through acquisitions and co-development of solutions with AWS. IBM’s deep experience in AI, market-leading AI capabilities and the shared commitment with AWS to accelerate the adoption of generative AI  — makes IBM Consulting the ideal partner of choice.

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Our purpose-built IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator for AWS Cloud helps you with accelerated planning and low-touch execution through built-in expert rules, automation tooling, playbooks and starter code.

IBM is a leader in hyperscale cloud transformation, data and AI consulting and security services, and can help unlock next-generation applications on the AWS Cloud.

Our unique capabilities

We are one of the fastest growing GSIs for AWS, one of the world’s largest SAP partners and recognized as a leader in hyperscale cloud transformation. IBM is a pioneer in AI and established a Center of Excellence (CoE) for generative AI with 1,000+ consultants.

Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA)

ROSA is a proven way to modernize applications. Hybrid cloud with ROSA accelerates migration by up to 25% with 40–50% faster time to market.¹

Methods and accelerators

IBM brings end-to-end tools and accelerators—such as DevSecOps practices with AIOps and self-healing capabilities—to help you become cloud native on AWS.

Jumpstart your generative AI journey with IBM Garage™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
Use cases Strengthen cyber resilience

Embed a zero trust security approach early on to speed up your modernization journey on AWS Cloud, increase security controls and drive cost optimization.

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Accelerate time to market

Integrate functions and processes on the AWS Cloud to drive agility, intelligence and competitive advantage to respond to market changes better.

Meet sustainability goals

Drive application migration and modernization on the AWS Cloud to achieve your sustainability imperatives and net-zero carbon emission goals.

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Reduce operational complexity

Migrate and modernize on-premises workloads on AWS Cloud and manage them across the cloud environment to reduce risk and improve security and availability.

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Case studies Deutsche Bahn Group

IBM deployed mission-critical IoT solution on AWS to create a digital representation of the DB Group's operational ecosystem and to enable data-driven connected operations that transformed its customer experience.

Galp Energia

Galp Energia built an integrated platform using SAP S/4 HANA on the AWS Cloud to unify operations for sustainability, energy innovation and near real-time insights into customer preferences.


Partnering with IBM, E.ON,  one of the UK’s leading energy companies deploys a new contact center platform powered by Amazon Connect.

Kotak Investment Advisors

Working with IBM, Kotak launched Cherry, a scalable customer experience platform built on AWS Cloud to serve India’s retail investment market.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines partners with IBM to modernize their applications in a hybrid cloud environment built on Red Hat OpenShift to accelerate their digital transformation capabilities with integrated security and increased operational visibility.


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With specialized generative AI expertise, the CoE is ready to help accelerate our clients’ business transformations Learn more
IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud

How do you compare your cloud transformation state against your industry peers?

IBM named a leader in 2023 IDC AI Services Marketscape 

Learn why IDC positioned IBM as a leader for AI services.  

HFS Research recognizes IBM among top 10

HFS defines IBM as a hyperscale cloud service provider with an evolving partner and product ecosystem for multicloud capabilities.

Resources IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator

Accelerate your AWS Cloud journey with predictable outcomes—40% faster solutioning with fewer handoffs and 30% lower cost delivery.¹

Embark on predictive, proactive and low-touch full-stack digital operations on the AWS Cloud infrastructure.

IBM Garage™ for AWS Cloud

Use IBM Garage methodology powered by AWS-specific accelerators to reduce design time by 75%, increase cloud consumption by 350% and deliver 2x faster time to market.¹

Industries Government

IBM’s services and solutions for application modernization, SAP transformation, process automation and cybersecurity help strengthen government health services, educational programs, citizens engagement and climate action.

Energy & utilities

IBM’s services—including cloud and data modernization, SAP transformation on AWS and contact center modernization—transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.


Partnering with industrial and manufacturing firms, IBM helps accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, SAP on AWS and data and application modernization to drive operational resiliency, efficiency and sustainability.


IBM’s data and application modernization, analytics and AI solutions and customer service transformation drive better patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and overall efficiencies.

Life sciences

For life sciences, IBM helps with SAP modernization on AWS, digital supply chain transformation on AWS and data and analytics solutions to modernize e2e pharma value chain.


IBM provides application modernization, data and AI services, customer service transformation and cybersecurity, helping telcos modernize operations to drive differentiation and unlock revenue potential.

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¹ Based on IBM client data, actual results may vary.