Life Sciences industry solutions

IBM life sciences industry solutions and technology can help you strategically define, develop and commercialize solutions that facilitate R&D innovation, enrich relationships between life sciences, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, payers, providers, stakeholders and patients, and help you enhance quality of care and improve healthcare cost efficiencies. Our technologies enable you to accelerate product development, modernize your core systems to support digital reinvention, and drive both commercial effectiveness and care management through analytic insights.

Life Sciences industry solutions case studies

Bosch Group

Bosch drives game-changing innovation with massive flexibility from SAP S/4HANA and IBMPOWER8®.

Biorasi, LLC. 

Shortens pharma development lifecycle while reducing costs.


Harnessing technology and biotechnology to fight genetic disorders for humanity’s greater good.


Exploring quantum computing use cases for life sciences

Quantum computing isn’t merely about speed. It’s about tackling problems differently and making the seemingly impossible possible, if not commonplace.

IBM Research: Healthcare and Life Sciences

Transform and improve outcomes in prioritized disease areas by leveraging multi-disciplinary and potentially life-saving skills in science and technology and using new medical devices.

Blockchain for better medicine

Transform the life sciences industry by providing faster access to trusted information using automation, enhancing collaboration and increasing transparency with blockchain.

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