Reimagining the life sciences industry 
Explore key trends influencing the life sciences industry amidst socioeconomic, scientific and technological change
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We help clients improve human health and patient outcomes

We are in a new, disruptive era where agile, innovative life sciences organizations have collaborated to accelerate the pace of R&D and commercialization, coupled with a laser focus on evidence-based outcomes, delivering value and improving the patient experience.

IBM helps companies develop solutions that drive innovation, enrich relationships between life sciences and healthcare stakeholders and patients, improve the quality of care and health outcomes, and maximize cost efficiencies. Our technologies and consulting services enable accelerated product development, drive digital reinvention, help build resilient and sustainable supply chains, and optimize commercial go-to-market and access.

Six innovation strategies for life sciences in 2023

As life sciences organizations rethink their business models to serve a variety of strategic goals, AI will play an increasingly important role in all of them.


Grow and transform your life sciences business by reimagining the way you work
Data and Analytics

Unlock the value of your life sciences data and build an insights-driven organization

Research and development

See how Quantum computing adoption can revolutionize life sciences research, development and clinical trials

Supply chain consulting services

Building resilient and sustainable life sciences supply chains

Customer and commercial services

Discover our customer consulting and platform implementation services that span sales, marketing, service and commerce

Sustainability solutions

Connect your sustainability strategy with day-to-day operations to embed sustainability into your business transformation

Case studies GlaxoSmithKline

Learn how GlaxoSmithKline launched 16 virtual assistants in 10 months with Watson Assistant.


See how the FDA is piloting blockchain for the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Watch Pfizer discuss mission-critical SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems.

Johnson & Johnson

Learn how Johnsoh & Johnson is leveraging AI-based skills inference to create a future-ready workforce.


Learn about BLOCKYARD™, a blockchain solution that creates a digital copy of every animal in real time.

Insights Transforming biopharma manufacturing  

IT and OT are converging to transform biopharma manufacturing. See how unleashing the power of cross-enterprise data can drive manufacturing performance and data-led innovations.

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Healthcare’s Y2K

Prepare for the FDA’s proposal to revise National Drug Codes (NDC) with a new 12-digit format.

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Exploring quantum computing use cases for life sciences

Life sciences can take advantage of the future disruptive computational power of quantum computing.

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