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Wide visibility, compliance and protection throughout the data security lifecycle IBM Guardium

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Gain visibility and secure data across the hybrid cloud with data discovery, monitoring, and analytics

Gain visibility and security

Achieve faster audits and effortless reporting with automated compliance workflows

Reduce risk, simplify compliance

Discover shadow data, analyze data flow, and uncover vulnerabilities across your cloud and SaaS applications

Take control of your cloud data security

Maintain data privacy, meet regulations, and secure cloud storage with robust encryption

Encrypt Your Data

IBM Guardium® is a family of data security software in the IBM portfolio that uncovers vulnerabilities and protects sensitive on-premises and cloud data.

Data security is everyone’s business

As digital transformation and cloud migration continues, so does your need for expanded data security. You’re faced with a wide spectrum of use cases in the complex data landscape—all of which make data security an even more pressing challenge. IBM Guardium is a data security solution that can adapt as the threat environment changes, providing complete visibility, compliance and protection throughout the data security lifecycle.

Guardium is a modern, scalable data security platform that is ready to meet the demands of today’s progressing environments as you tackle security challenges.


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Why Guardium 9 of 9

9 of 9 categories show IBM Guardium as a "strong positive", making it an Overall Leader.

See why KuppingerCole ranks Guardium as a leader

A Forrester study commissioned by IBM found a 406% ROI with benefits of USD 5.86 million over 3 years.

Read the 2023 Forrester TEI study

26% of new vulnerabilities had known exploits.

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Benefits Automate data discovery and classification

Enterprises are challenged with understanding where their data resides and whether it needs to be further protected. Guardium can discover, classify and catalog regulated structured and unstructured data residing on premises and in the cloud to uncover vulnerabilities.

Monitor activity and protect data

A fundamental challenge with data security is identifying who has access and what can they do. Enterprises need real-time activity monitoring for on-prem and cloud data sources, so mission-critical data remains protected. Guardium protects data with encryption, key management, real-time alerts, dynamic redaction, quarantining suspect IDs and more.

Speed up data compliance

Varying and often-changing compliance needs are a challenge. Guardium can speed up compliance activities by using a simplified technical environment and prebuilt templates for regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and many more that automate compliance workflows. This enables faster reporting, streamlined processes, reduced TCO and stronger compliance posture.

Understand risk and prioritize investigations

Your security analysts can quickly become overburdened with non-prioritized threats. Guardium provides advanced analytics and risk scoring to identify unknown threats. By integrating with major security tools, it enables your security analysts to prioritize and orchestrate responses across the SOC and ticketing systems.

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Guardium products
IBM Guardium® Insights Uncover data security risks in your hybrid cloud with risk scoring, centralized visibility, simple compliance enablement, advanced analytics, flexible deployment options and limitless scalability. Pair multiple Guardium portfolio products for best-in-class data security posture management. Explore data security and compliance Try Guardium Insights for free
IBM Guardium® Data Protection

Monitor data activity and accelerate compliance auditing and reporting for your data stored anywhere. Discover and classify data and data sources, monitor user activity and respond to threats in near real time.

Automate data protection Explore interactive product tour
IBM Guardium® Insights SaaS DSPM

Looking to identify shadow data and its movement across applications? Read about the data security posture management (DSPM) capabilities in Guardium Insights.

Data security posture management Try DSPM for free
IBM Guardium® Key Lifecycle Manager

Deliver centralized, secured key management with reduced costs and greater operational efficiency.

Simplify and automate encryption keys Try it free with a 90-day trial
IBM Discover and Classify

Rely on zero-trust based discovery and classification of sensitive and regulated data, wherever it resides—whether structured or unstructured, at rest or in motion—for visibility, context and insight into your data.

Gain greater visibility
IBM Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment

Understand your security posture by scanning your data infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities, cyberthreats and security gaps.

Find vulnerabilities quickly
IBM Guardium® Data Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data in all states and across environments: your files, databases and applications. Address data security and privacy regulations, and control encryption keys for cloud-based data.

Protect with powerful encryption
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IBM Guardium wins TrustRadius award A Top Rated award means the vendor has excellent customer satisfaction and proven credibility. It's based entirely on reviews and customer sentiment. There is no paid placement or analyst opinion. This unbiased recognition of the best B2B technology is what makes these awards so trustworthy in the eyes of clients.
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Enhance data security in complex environments

Advancements in V12 of Guardium Data Protection and Guardium Vulnerability Assessment enhance data security to find threats faster.

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