Centralize data security to prioritize, analyze, and respond

Guardium Insights simplifies your organization's data architecture, unifies your view across data sources, and delivers long-term data security and compliance information to adhere to regulations and identify risk trends. As a part of Cloud Pak for Security, Guardium Insights is built as a collaborative, comprehensive data security platform to help to unify — and modernize — the security operations center (SOC). Embracing the power of Red Hat OpenShift, it can be flexibly deployed anywhere via microservice Kubernetes containers.

Learn more about Cloud Pak for Security, connected security for a modernized SOC

Learn more about Cloud Pak for Security, connected security for a modernized SOC Read the market guide (PDF, 676 KB)

Understand, Prioritize

Better inform your data security decisions. Centralize data from Guardium Data Protection and DBaaS sources, gather key insights, analyze, prioritize, and respond to hidden threats quicker.

Retain, Analyze

Eliminate aggregators, streamline data architecture, generate reports in seconds, and retain data security events for years. Apply advanced analytics to analyze this data for risks and anomalies.

Protect, Respond, Collaborate

Leverage machine learning in Guardium Insights' to automatically detect anomalous behavior and share context-rich security event data across teams to collaborate and remediate threats.

Key Features

  • Monitor the hybrid cloud environment
  • Retain and investigate data long-term
  • Wield advanced user behavior and threat analytics
  • Promote a satisfying UX with self-service reporting
  • Centralizing data security and auditing
  • Flexibility to deploy anywhere
  • Dig deep with a dynamic console and risk dashboards