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Sustainable data discovery

IBM Security™ Discover and Classify, also known as 1touch.io Inventa, is a zero trust-based tool that provides visibility, context and insight into your data. It uses network analytics, AI and machine learning to continuously find and catalog sensitive and protected data of any type, anywhere. IBM Security Discover and Classify is a powerful complement to IBM Security™ Guardium® products and the IBM Security portfolio.


Automated continuous discovery

Experience near real-time updates, higher accuracy and low false positives.

Zero trust, network-based approach

Discover and map known and unknown sensitive data assets.

Automated data subject aggregation

Aggregate, catalog and examine data lineage of sensitive personal data.

Personal data consolidation

Compare all data to the root data asset, such as a customer list or other data collection.

Master catalog

Automatically create catalog and data mapping of all copies of confirmed sensitive data.

Use cases

Scan and discover

screenshot showing 1touch.io scan

Scan and discover

Automatic, continuous scanning and discovery of repositories and metadata.

Identify and classify

screenshot showing 1touch.io identification

Identify and classify

Automatic, continuous identification and classification of sensitive data.

See the full data lifecycle

screenshot showing 1touch.io cataloging

See the full data lifecycle

Discovery of data lineage in the catalog.

Train the system

screenshot showing 1touch.io system training

Train the system

Training the system to learn and identify which files contain sensitive data.


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