Sustainable data discovery

IBM Security® Discover and Classify, also known as 1touch.io Inventa, is a zero-trust based tool that provides visibility, context, and insight into your data. It uses network analytics, AI, and machine learning to continuously find and catalog sensitive and protected data, of any type, anywhere. IBM Security Discover and Classify is a powerful complement to IBM Security® Guardium® products and the entire IBM Security portfolio.

Why Guardium

Customers realize value quickly with the full set of Guardium features

reduction in audit prep with automated compliance audit and reporting

billion security events per day in 130+ countries monitored by IBM for constant vigilance

hours of DBA time saved with automated processes


Greater visibility


Find and map structured and unstructured data, at rest or in motion, on cloud or on prem. With a zero-trust, network-based approach you can discover and map known and unknown sensitive data assets.

Intelligent automation


Apply and automate controls around sensitive data based on business context and risk. With automated data subject aggregation, you can catalog and examine the data lineage of sensitive personal data.

Improve response time


Enrich incident response and customer data requests with automated continuous discovery and data subject validation. Experience near real-time updates, higher accuracy, and low false positives.

Low-touch maintenance


Reduce the time and effort needed to discover and classify data in a complex environment.

Easily consolidate and compare


Compare all personal data to the root data asset, such as a customer list or other data  collection.

Automatic cataloging and data mapping


Automatically creates a master catalog and data mapping of all copies of confirmed sensitive data.


Features of IBM Security Discover and Classify


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IBM Security Guardium products

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What is Data Discovery-in-Depth?

Knowing what data you’re working with is essential when deciding on the most appropriate security and privacy measures.

IBM Security and 1touch.io

Announcing IBM Security Discover and Classify to bring you greater visibility and a contextual understanding of where your sensitive data lives.

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