Identify threats and security gaps in databases

Identifying vulnerabilities in your data environments is key to understanding your data security posture. IBM Security® Guardium® Vulnerability Assessment scans data infrastructure such as databases, data warehouses, and big data environments — both on-premises and in the cloud — to detect vulnerabilities and suggest remedial actions based on benchmarks from STIG, CIS, CVE, and other configuration standards.

Guardium Vulnerability Assessment identifies security gaps in databases such as missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorized changes, misconfigured privileges, excessive administrative logins, unusual after-hours activity, and other behavioral vulnerabilities such as account sharing. It then provides full reports as well as actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities to harden your database environments.

Guardium Vulnerability Assessment is delivered as a part of Guardium Data Protection, but can be implemented as a stand-alone offering that serves its own use case.

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