The Power Systems difference

Power Systems are always built for the most demanding, data-intensive, computing on earth. Our cloud-ready servers help you unleash insight from your data pipeline – from managing mission-critical data, to managing your operational data stores and data lakes, to delivering the best server for cognitive computing. With industry leading reliability and security, our infrastructure is designed to crush the most data-intensive workloads imaginable.

Fastest, simplest way to deploy industry-leading deep learning frameworks

Get enterprise-class support to fuel new thinking and capabilities across your organization.

The most reliable on-premises infrastructure

Meet 24/7 customer demands with industry-leading uptime and zero reported security breaches to date.

Solution for managing data insights of all sources, varieties and volumes

Gain up to 2X better price-performance than x86 options – guaranteed.

Centralized management of servers, storage and software

Simplify data center operations while delivering best-in-class performance and virtually unlimited scalability.

The ultimate in data resiliency, availability, security and performance

Run Systems of Engagement alongside Systems of Record in a single system   running AIX (UNIX), IBM i and Linux with up to 192 POWER8 processor cores and 16TBs of memory.

Power Systems solutions for accelerated computing

Big data and analytics

Unlock the value of your data and deliver insights faster with Power Systems and big data solutions – optimized for next-gen applications on the industry’s most scalable big data and analytics platform.

Modern data platform

Accelerate your digital transformation with modern data platforms (MDP) on Power Systems for managing and gleaning insights from all your data. All while realizing 2X price-performance over x86 options – guaranteed.


Simplify your data center operations by centralizing the management of servers, storage and software in the cloud, while delivering best-in-class performance and virtually unlimited scalability.

High performance computing

Uncover data insight with greater speed and accuracy with Power Systems – more than any other servers available. Power Systems enable scientists and HPC managers to solve massive, complex problems that were never possible before POWER8 came along.

Power Systems solutions in action

Power Systems are credited with helping Cipher promote environmental stewardship by reducing their oil reservoir simulation time by 90% while saving them 75% on hardware costs.

Check out how POWER technology helped this energy company make significant environmental progress.

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