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IBM® Power® is a family of servers that are based on IBM Power processors and are capable of running IBM AIX®, IBM i and Linux®.

Respond faster to business demands, protect your data from core to cloud, and streamline insights and automation. Modernize your applications and infrastructure with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience. IBM Power servers provide the agility, reliability and sustainability your organization requires.

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Building on a year of focus to help IBM Power clients grow with hybrid cloud and AI

IBM Power's November webcast series covering AIX, SAP HANA and flexible consumption options

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IBM Power Servers won TrustRadius Top Rated Award for 2023

Why IBM Power IBM Power is known for its scalability and performance with the most demanding workloads. It provides superior virtualization and management features for flexibility, and security with better isolation and integrated stack. With a leading reliability rating for 14 years running, it all adds up to a distinct TCO advantage for your business. Reliable – 99.9999%

ITIC survey of 1,900 C-level executives across 37 vertical markets gives IBM Power a 99.9999% or greater availability rating.¹

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Secure – 3.3 minutes

Survey says IBM Power experiences 3.3 minutes or less of unplanned outage due to security issues.²

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Sustainable – 20%

Mondi sees a 20% increase in end-user application performance for SAP S/4HANA, boosting operational efficiency to meet their climate objectives.³

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AI ready – 5X faster

Streamline insight and automation with 5X faster AI inferencing per socket versus Power E980.⁴

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IBM Power S1014 The IBM Power S1014 is a 1-socket, 4U Power10-based server designed for business-critical workloads on AIX®, IBM i or Linux®. Learn more Read the data sheet

IBM Power S1022 The IBM Power S1022 is a 2-socket, 2U server, with more than double the cores compared to Power9-based servers, workloads can be consolidated on fewer servers, reducing software licensing, electrical, and cooling costs. Learn more Read the data sheet

IBM Power S1024 The IBM Power S1024 is a 2-socket, 4U Power10-based server with pay for only what you need and share resources across systems. Data is security from end-to-end with memory encryption on the processor and downtime is minimized with industry-leading reliability and availability. Learn more Read the data sheet

IBM Power E1050 High performance four-socket rack server optimized for data intensive applications and hybrid cloud deployments. Learn more Read the data sheet

IBM Power E1080 Engineered for agility, the IBM Power E1080 is designed to securely and efficiently scale core operational workloads and AI applications across hybrid cloud. Learn more Read the data sheet

IBM Power Virtual Server A secure virtual server, offering a consistent experience, modernizing at your pace and price point — on and off premises. Learn more

SAP HANA on Power

Discover how IBM Power can simplify and accelerate your SAP HANA deployments and the impact they can have on your business.

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Oracle® on Power

Provide a foundation for deploying Oracle Database and app workloads to deliver a host of benefits.


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Red Hat® on Power

Help secure sensitive data and workloads while supporting new applications across the enterprise.


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Operating systems

Scalable platforms to meet your hybrid cloud needs

IBM AIX IBM AIX is celebrating 35 years of innovation and enhanced capabilities with the new AIX 7.3. The future of UNIX in an enterprise open standards-based UNIX operating system for the Power architecture. Expore IBM AIX Strategy and Roadmap for AIX

IBM i IBM i is a platform for innovators, by innovators. Continuous availability, the latest security features and easy integration with IoT, AI and IBM Watson® provide you with the insights that are integral to your organization. Explore IBM i Strategy and Roadmap for IBM i

Linux on Power Linux on Power is an industry-standard open operating system with faster processing speed, bandwidth and inherent security. Explore Linux on Power

IBM Power Software

IBM Virtual Hardware Management Console (vHMC)

IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) is used to configure and control one or more Power servers. The console delivers a virtual appliance format for increased deployment flexibility.

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IBM PowerSC is a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power servers running AIX, IBM i or Linux. PowerSC sits on top of the IBM Power server stack, integrating security features built at different layers.

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IBM PowerVC is an advanced virtualization and cloud management offering. Built on OpenStack, it provides simplified virtualization management and cloud deployments for AIX, IBM i and Linux virtual machines (VMs) running on IBM Power.

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Case studies Bosch
Becoming the first fully carbon-neutral industrial enterprise of the world.
Optimizing product assortment and quantities to reduce food waste.
Extending high quality digital services to over one million people.
Enabling flexible, cost-effective services through dynamic capacity.
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Combining AI with a trusted data approach on IBM Power to fuel business outcomes.
IBM Power10 family expands
Choose a flexible hybrid cloud model with the agility and automation to best fit your needs.
IBM Power S1014, S1022s, S1022 and S1024
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IBM Power E1050 Technical Overview
Get the comprehensive Redbooks guide to understand the latest features, technologies and changes to IBM Power E1050.
IBM Power E1080 Technical Overview
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Flexible Capacity on Demand
Flexible consumption for IBM Power is a pay-for-use model allowing dynamic delivery of more resources on private servers as business needs change.
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¹  ITIC 2023 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report
² 2022 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Security