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Next level security and compliance

IBM® PowerSC is a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on IBM Power servers running AIX®, IBM i or Linux. PowerSC sits on top of the IBM Power® server stack, integrating security features built at different layers. You can now centrally manage security and compliance on Power for all IBM AIX® and Linux® on Power endpoints. In this way you can get better support for compliance audits, including GDPR.

Benefits Automate

Reduce administrative cost and increase efficiencies with Security and Compliance automation.


Detect security exposures in virtualized environments with real-time compliance monitoring.


Reduce time and skills required for preparation of security audits with compliance reports.


Deploy industry standard security with preconfigured security profiles.


View security status and compliance of an entire datacenter quickly.

Features Security and compliance automation

Prebuilt profiles support industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), HIPAA, GDPR and more.

Real-time compliance

Monitor and gain automatic and immediate visibility to administrators when a change to the system violates a configuration policy rule.

Trusted network connect and patch management

Monitor the boot image, operating system, and applications for tampering, and verify their integrity with the virtual trusted platform module (vTPM).

Trusted Firewall

Ensure that virtual machines have appropriate network isolation. Enable direct routing across virtual LANs controlled by the same virtual I/O server.

Trusted logging

Ensure tamper-proof logging as well as convenient log backup and management, and eliminate the need for log-scraping agents running on the OS.

Multifactor authentication

Increase the assurance level of Power servers with multiple authentication factors. Authentication factors can be added as they become available.

Resources PowerSC Tools for IBM i

Learn about the Compliance Monitoring Tool, a security and systems information data mart with real-time event monitoring capabilities. (2.2 MB)

IBM PowerSC -- Security and Compliance

Discover the IBM PowerSC functionality that reduces costs, simplifies administration, accelerates compliance audit preparation, and reduces risk by increasing visibility to security threats. (522 KB)

Trusted Surveyor Technical Overview

Read how IBM PowerSC Trusted Surveyor provides independent audit and governance of your virtualized network infrastructure.

IT Security and Compliance with PowerSC

Explore, test, and document scenarios that use IBM Power server architecture and IBM software solutions to defend your virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against new threats.

Software lifecycle

Get critical information regarding the software lifecycle of various versions of IBM PowerSC.


Learn how the PowerSC multifactor authentication protocol raises the assurance level of systems with multifactor authentication in an easy to use web-based UI. (255 KB)

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