What AIX can do for your business

IBM® AIX® is an enterprise-class UNIX operating system (OS) for the POWER® processor architecture found in IBM Power Systems™. Today’s global business must rely on an infrastructure that is secure, highly available and able to adapt quickly to changing business needs. AIX delivers these capabilities and more, with the performance, reliability and security that your mission-critical data demands.


Maintain security leadership

AIX has a strong, long-standing security focus and reputation. Security features include Trusted AIX to easily harden security settings and Trusted Execution to control system integrity.

Build on reliability

AIX has high reliability and is recognized for having low unplanned downtime. This powerful UNIX OS provides high-value features such as AIX Live Update for OS updates without a system restart.

Look back, think forward

With a 30-year history of innovation, AIX continues to deliver a robust release roadmap. Binary compatibility allows applications to run unchanged and without recompilation on the newest releases.

Key features

  • AIX Live Update: OS fixes without reboot downtime
  • Power Systems Dynamic Flash Cache: Transparent SSD caching
  • Dynamic System Optimizer (DSO): Tune software in real time
  • Active Memory Expansion: Improve use of physical memory
  • Binary Compatibility Guarantee: No need to recompile
  • AIX Trusted Execution: Verify and guard system integrity

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.