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Run enterprise Linux distributions on IBM® Power® servers with a fully open stack that benefits from the OpenPower ecosystem and efficient cloud-native performance through PowerVM® virtualization technology.

Amplify the reliability, security and scalability of open-source technology with industry-leading, cloud-native deployment options. Enterprise Linux® on IBM Power provides a solid foundation for your open-source hybrid cloud infrastructure, empowering you to modernize applications more efficiently.

New entry configuration for SAP HANA on IBM Power L1022

Organizations big and small need reliability and security when running their SAP HANA workloads. While IBM’s reliability and security may not surprise you, its sample pricing might.

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Benefits Linux on IBM Power provides you with the blend of agility, security and resiliency you need to stay ahead. Optimize for open source

Leverage the OpenPOWER foundation to innovate and build a winning solution based on your POWER® infrastructure.

Build cloud-native

Get more from your hybrid cloud by deploying your apps faster with industry-leading scalable, resilient servers.

Get the benefits of Linux on POWER

Linux on IBM Power offers an open solution stack — from hardware to OS — optimized for your hybrid cloud architecture.

Case studies Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH

This manufacturer enables innovative business models for a sustainable future by standardizing SAP applications to IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux.

Coop Group

Coop Group is using high-performance IBM® Power10 servers with SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server for SAP Applications to accelerate SAP S/4HANA® reports by up to 30%—empowering the company to run the business more efficiently with fast, data-driven decisions.


Australia’s largest airline uses open-source AI and hybrid cloud technology on IBM Power System AC922 to bring new life to film and imagery from the company’s long history.

Software for hybrid cloud and virtualization Virtualization and cloud management on OpenStack

Built on OpenStack, IBM PowerVC provides simplified virtualization management and cloud deployments.

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Deploy and manage private clouds

Get cost-effective bundles of software offerings that enable you to seamlessly deploy and manage private clouds.

IBM Power Private Cloud Edition
Resources IBM Power L1022

The IBM Power L1022 is a 2-socket, 2U Power10 processor-based server optimized for Linux-based workloads such as SAP HANA.

IBM Power L1024

Power L1024 makes the most reliable server platform in its class even better, with advanced recovery, diagnostic capabilities and open memory interface (OMI).

ITIC 2022 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Security Report

Download the survey see how your infrastructure measures up against the industry’s most secure platforms.

ITIC 2022 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report

See why IBM Power is rated by ITIC as delivering the highest reliability for the 14th year in a row.

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