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IBM i is an operating system for IBM® Power® servers.   

IBM i is a fully integrated operating system, meaning the database, middleware, security, runtime, and hypervisor are all integrated into the stack and licensed as one. This integration helps clients lower TCO, simplify systems management, and do more with fewer resources.

Subscription-term licensing offers clients easier annual budget planning with predictable and consistent payment options. Software licenses and support are integrated into one subscription price. Annual subscriptions are automatically updated to the latest release, reducing business risks and security vulnerabilities by keeping technology current. With auto-renewal, clients no longer have to worry about losing support or managing new software keys. Clients on older releases can get back on support and current with technology more easily and at a lower price point.

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Forrester: Total Economic Impact of IBM i

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Benefits Nearly 2X ROI

Forrester Consulting found that clients deploying IBM i on prem or in the cloud realized, on average, a 191% return on investment (ROI) and a payback of just 6 months for their business. These clients also saw savings of USD 1.06 million in reduced system downtime and an increase in productivity of USD 470,000 over three years¹.



Lower TCO

IBM i integrates database, middleware, security, runtime, and hypervisor as one licensed solution. Clients don’t have to pay for support on each individual component, thereby lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplifying the platform running your business applications.

Secure Mission-Critical Workloads

Authority collection capabilities enable clients to track and monitor who’s using which objects and how, which is critical for determining security policies and rules. These capabilities provide enhanced security for your most business-critical and sensitive applications and data.

Flexible Licensing and Support

One annual payment for both software licenses and SWMA together in a single subscription price. Provides lower TCO and increases flexibility.

Add Value to Business Applications

IBM i 7.5 simplifies security and availability with new Db2 for i features, options, and tools.

Modernize application development

Eliminate skills gaps and increase productivity by using industry-standard tools available with IBM i for modern application development.

Features Full Stack Integration

IBM i is a fully integrated operating system, meaning the database, middleware, security, runtime and hypervisor are integrated into the stack and licensed as one solution.

Object-Based Architecture

IBM i has an object-based architecture, meaning that a program cannot masquerade as something else. This helps protect your environment from viruses and security breaches.

Subscription Term Licensing

Subscription licensing offers clients predictable and consistent payment options while mimimizing risk by remaining current with their technology.

New Technologies for Business Value

Applications running on IBM i can be integrated with new technologies such as AI, IoT, data analytics and more to add value and open new opportunities for your business. With IBM i 7.5, you can use Watson geospatial functions along with IBM Db2® to analyze location-based data, such as optimizing truck routes for a distribution business.

Simplified Systems Management

IBM i has autonomous features that require little to no administration, reducing the need for large system admin teams. Manage IBM i environments remotely from any device with IBM Navigator for i and IBM i Mobile Access.

Cloud Deployment Options

IBM i can be deployed on-prem and in various cloud environments, including IBM Power Virtual Server, for a consistent user experience across hybrid cloud.

Technologies IBM Db2 for i

IBM Db2 for i is the relational database manager that is fully integrated into IBM i.

IBM Navigator for i

A modern user interface for managing and monitoring IBM i instances anywhere from a web browser.

IBM Db2® Mirror for i

A high availability solution that enables continuous uptime for business-critical applications.

IBM PowerHA for i

Near-continuous application availability with advanced failure detection, failover, and recovery capabilities for IBM i.

IBM BRMS for i

The strategic solution for planning and managing save and restore operations on IBM i.

IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i

Store IBM i files securely in the cloud, eliminating the need for tape drives, tape cartridges, and courier services for off-site storage.

IBM Rational Developer for i

An IDE built on Eclipse for creating, maintaining, and modernizing IBM i applications.

Integrated Web Application Server for IBM i

The integrated Web application server for IBM i is a lightweight Java application server that contains a Web servlet container that is readily accessible and provides a flexible foundation for developing jsp and servlet-based Java applications.

IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration

A development and modernization environment for IBM i applications.

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