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IBM i Client Stories

IBM i provides continuous availability, enhanced security, simplified systems management and integration with new technologies — making it the trusted platform to run businesses

People talking at a counter
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    Communication Sector

    Person smiling as they’re checking their smartphone


    Improving critical application performance with modern free-form RPG

    Distribution Sector

    Consumer Goods

    Person reading a newspaper on top of peanuts in storage bin

    Birdsong Peanuts

    Supplying America’s Peanuts with IBM i

    Milk being poured into a glass


    Delivering “The Borden Difference” with IBM i

    Person wearing baseball hat doing manual labor outside in the rain


    Expanding ecommerce internationally with IBM i

    Rows of shrink-wrapped picture frames

    Deknudt Frames

    Building the framework for a thriving e-commerce operation with IBM i

    Industrial-sized loom


    Saving 30% by Modernizing on IBM i

    Lingerie store with mannequins

    Groupe Chantelle

    Innovating Across the Supply Chain with IBM i

    Sectional couch and table with flowers in a room with a large open door to the outside


    Increasing Manufacturing Efficiency During COVID-19 With IBM i

    4 lamps in different styles

    Lamps Plus

    Making development simpler for a new generation of coders on IBM i

    A hand spraying perfume on the wrist of another hand


    Smelling great with IBM i

    Orange flower

    Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG

    Making the World Beautiful with IBM i and Db2 Mirror

    Meats stacked and wrapped in plastic

    Slaturfelag Suourlands

    Reducing food waste and much more with web services built on IBM i

    Fast food ordering lines set up with self-serve devices

    Umoe Restaurants

    Serving up smarter systems

    Colorful paper cupcake liners with whisk and baking sheet, sitting on table


    Baking cakes with IBM i

    Hospitality and Entertainment

    Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino facility

    Seneca Gaming Corporation

    Delivering Exceptional Entertainment Experiences with IBM PowerHA for i


    Wrenches, ruler, pliers lined up on a wooden table

    Acme Tools

    Finding the Right Tool for the Job with IBM i

    Person wearing apron and working on laptop computer at restaurant bar

    CRT Services

    Speeding Up Reimbursement with IBM i

    Person holding smartphone as they examine shelves of books

    Macmillan Publishers

    Creating a more sustainable business with IBM i

    Two warehouse workers wearing masks


    Keeping Essential Workers Safe with IBM i

    Overhead shot of person sitting on couch, wearing headphones and working on laptop computer


    Scaling up for Cyber Monday with IBM i

    Wall of shoes


    Helping clients find their style with IBM i

    Adult with child in home goods store

    TJ Morris

    Ramping Up In-Store Computing with IBM i and POWER9

    Wall of wine bottles

    Wijnen Van Maele

    Tracking wine production with blockchain on IBM i

    Travel & Transportation

    Truck on highway

    A.D. Transport Express

    Automating Backup and Recovery with PowerHA for i

    Semi-truck and a car on a two-lane highway


    Moving North America with IBM i

    Semitrucks at loading dock


    Managing complex worldwide logistics with IBM i

    18-wheel truck traveling on two-lane backroad

    ID Logistics

    Meeting the Challenges of a Pandemic with IBM i in the Cloud

    Truck cab

    K&J Trucking

    Keeping Food Supply Chains Moving with IoT and IBM i

    Highway with turnpike

    Kansas Turnpike Authority

    Keeping Kansas Moving with IBM i and PowerHA

    Several semitrucks at loading dock

    Kuehne + Nagel S.à.r.l.

    Optimizing logistics with IBM i

    Truck driving on road with mountains in background

    Penske Truck Leasing

    Keeping Trucks on the Road with IBM i and PowerHA

    semi-tractor trailer truck on a scenic highway


    Modernizing transportation management systems with IBM i

    Truck at loading dock

    Wilson Logistics

    Enabling a Paperless Business with IBM i


    Person in chef attire cooking on stove

    Bidfood Netherlands

    Reducing complexity and improving service with IBM i

    construction worker with a hammer, working on a wooden roof

    Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S

    Improving functionality, support, and customer satisfaction with IBM i

    Person working on tablet in a greenhouse filled with herbs

    BWI Companies

    Switching From In-House Change Management to Automated Git and Jira on IBM i

    Stainless steel kitchen accessories


    Keeping kitchens stocked with IBM i

    Hand holding electric drill to the side of a drawer


    Putting the pieces together with IBM i

    Manufacturing line for pill capsules

    Ibnsina Pharma

    Handling rapid growth and increased transactional volume with IBM i

    Person sitting in parked vehicle, viewing tablet

    JDS Industries

    Enabling Digital Transformation with PHP and IBM i



    Growing their plant distribution business with IBM i

    Necks of wine bottles

    Mutual Distributing Company

    Raising a celebratory glass to IBM i



    Reading into their future with IBM i

    Man shopping on the supermarket with a cell phone on his hand

    Reynolds Catering Supplies

    Keeping the foodservice industry well-stocked with IBM i

    Dirt bike leaning on a slope

    Western Power Sports

    Serving Up a New E-Commerce Solution with IBM i

    Financial Services Sector

    Banking and Financial Services

    Person holding a card while using smart phone

    Banco GNB Paraguay S.A.

    Growing Banking Workloads and Customer Satisfaction with IBM Db2 Mirror for i

    Person holding credit card, sitting in work environment and typing on laptop computer

    Caixa Geral de Depositos

    Speeding credit approval times with IBM i and Watson

    Person holding credit card at automatic teller machine

    China Merchants Bank

    Winning awards and improving client service with IBM i

    Person typing credit card information into a laptop computer in home office environment


    Moving to SaaS and PHP for financial transaction security

    Busy street in London with Bank of England and modern skyscrapers


    Expanding globally with IBM i in the cloud

    Person holding a card while using smart phone

    Diners Club Spain

    Streamlining Customer Support with a Hybrid Cloud Application and IBM i

    Person dressed professionally at automatic teller machine

    Seylan Bank

    Accelerating Time to Financial Insight with IBM i

    Person typing credit card information into a laptop computer in home office environment

    Svenska Handelsbanken AB

    Thriving with fast transactional growth on IBM i

    Three people at desk with streetlights behind them


    IBM i and Power Systems Virtual Server Helps FNZ Upgrade Their Approach to Testing

    Person on cellular telephone while typing and sitting on office desk

    Fuyo General Lease

    Streamlining business equipment rental with IBM i

    Skyline of city


    Powering Poland’s financial sector with IBM i

    Skyline of city by water

    LTI Canada

    Future-Proofing Financial Services Clients with IBM i


    Person kneeling down by car driver door to take picture with cellular telephone

    Admiral Insurance

    Protecting and insuring clients’ vehicles with IBM i

    Healthcare professional looking at tablet and writing on paper


    Improving the health of millions with IBM i

    Two people riding bicycles


    Keeping the United Kingdom Healthy with IBM i

    Sailboat on water

    Carnegie General Insurance Agency

    Investing in the next generation of IBM i talent

    Hind shot of person looking at monitor showing multiple graphs

    Manhattan Life Group

    Delivering deep business insights with IBM i

    Person looking at computer monitor

    United Heritage Insurance

    Keeping Agents and clients Connected with PHP and IBM i

    Industrial Sector


    Worker and vehicle in inspection station in car factory

    Honda Logistics North America Inc

    Keeping production lines running with Nagios, IBM i and PowerHA

    Motorcycle manufacturing floor


    Improving manufacturing processes with mobile apps built with IBM i

    Computer Services

    farmer using laptop while standing near livestock at farm

    AgVantage Software

    Meeting Agricultural Needs with ZendPHP on IBM i

    Person looking at a monitor

    Antara Zenith

    Delivering Convenience to clients Through SaaS with IBM i

    woman with mask and latex gloves receiving a box that says Grocery Delivery, paying with her phone


    Pivoting to contactless food service with IBM i.

    People looking at car in a showroom

    Beesd A2

    Accelerating Volvo sales for dealerships with IBM i

    team of developers working with codes

    CNX Corporation

    Eliminating Physical Hardware with IBM i on Power Virtual Server

    Two professionals working on a computer with another individual in the background on a computer

    Computer Merchants

    Driving automation, machine learning and analytics with IBM i

    Overhead picture of computer server


    Surpassing client expectations with IBM i

    Big Ben and parliament buildings in London

    FormaServe Systems

    Streamlining the tax return process with IBM i

    Server racks

    IRIS Financial Services S.A., a Canon Company

    Encouraging the Sustainability of Archived Financial Data with IBM i

    Person standing at desk, working on laptop with two large monitors to the side

    King III Solutions

    Growing Revenue by 300% with Visual Studio Code and IBM i

    Two people pointing out information on a computer monitor


    Optimizing wholesale distribution with IBM i


    Rows of theater chairs with red cushions


    Providing a comfortable seat with IBM i

    Excavator at construction site


    Supplying construction sites with IBM i

    Industrial Products and Supply

    Worker wearing gloves, holding computer tablet and observing boxeson conveyor belts

    American Packaging Corporation

    Improving workplace safety with IBM i

    Person operating excavator with green hill in background

    Avesco AG

    Expanding Business with IBM i in the Cloud

    Bottles with blue lids

    Barbier Group

    Keeping Factories Running Around the Clock with IBM i

    Various brass components and valves

    Cimberio S.p.A.

    IBM i helps streamline production for Cimberio

    Farming, plants and farmer planning on a tablet, working on agriculture research and reading about sustainable food at greenhouse farm

    Cooperative Elevator Company

    Keeping Farmers Working With IBM i

    Warehouse for timber supply company

    Cras Woodgroup

    Modernizing the wood industry with IBM i

    Worker transporting goods on a stacker with straddle legs.


    Digitizing client experience with IBM i

    Multiple PVC hoses or different colors coiled up side-by-side

    Merlett Tecnoplastic S.p.A.

    Modernizing production with IBM i

    Office building

    PHD, Inc.

    Reducing Reporting Time and Increasing Performance with IBM i on POWER9

    Construction worker on ladder

    Riverhead Building Supply

    Streamlining Accounts Payable with IBM i

    Woodworking materials


    Increasing Productivity with IBM i and Alexa for Business

    Warehouse shelving for piping materials

    Trans Am Piping Products Ltd.

    Improving Client Experiences with PHP on IBM i


    Aerial shot of office building with cars in parking lot

    Albert Jagger

    A Seamless Transition to Remote Working with IBM i

    Person driving forklift loaded with pallets

    Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems

    Optimizing Warehouse Operations with IBM i

    Vacuum cleaner

    H-P Products

    Increasing Efficiency with PHP on IBM i

    Industrial kitchen

    Hatco Corporation

    Modernizing with Git and Open Source on IBM i

    Various plastic lids and food storage containers

    RPC Superfos

    Developing new packaging innovation with IBM i

    Professional Services

    Person going up steps outside campus building

    Brain Staff Consultants

    Improving the Student Experience with IBM i and AI

    Four professionals sitting in a circle of chairs

    Nesco Resource

    Ensuring an accurate and on time pay day with IBM i

    Three professionals looking at tablet


    Making vacations easier with IBM i

    Loveseat in living room


    Moving to IBM i on POWER9 in the cloud for growth

    Brick housing units

    Stonetales Properties

    Upgrading and Centralizing on the Cloud with IBM i

    Public Sector


    Rear view of businessman riding a bike in the city

    Coffee County, Alabama

    Eliminating Physical Tape Backups with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i

    Bridge with city buildings behind it

    Minnesota Counties Information Systems

    Developing the Next Generation of IBM i Talent

    Healthcare, Life Science and Pharmaceutical

    Pharmacist getting prescription from shelf


    Automating Mundane Processes with Open Source and IBM i

    Non-profit fund raising / research

    Inflight helicopter ambulance with person standing below in snow

    Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

    Saving lives on the slopes with IBM i