The future of telecom is up to Communications Services Providers (CSPs)

Telecommunications is experiencing a seismic shift and communications service providers are evolving to adapt.

As connectivity services become more commoditized—limiting room for differentiation—the opportunity for reinvention is massive thanks to technological innovation.

Operators today aim to capitalize with bold, value-adding enterprise services. IBM helps telcos unlock new revenue potential through business and delivery transformation by optimizing network operations, enabling differentiated enterprise experiences at the edge and beyond, and fortifying cybersecurity.


Mobile World Congress 2023

IBM continues to help CSPs embrace technologies like automation, AI and hybrid cloud with the software and consulting you need.

Come to Mobile World Congress 2023, February 27 - March 2, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona and see how IBM can help you evolve your digital architecture.

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End-to-end network operations: establish telecom network assurance and zero touch operations.


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System-wide visibility for managing service performance: translate raw performance data into actionable insights.

Distributed cloud

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Distributed cloud

Deploy and run apps with low latency, security and data privacy across the hybrid cloud.

Secure delivery

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Secure delivery

Protect the networks to gain trust for enterprises’ critical workloads.

AI governance

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AI governance

With MLOps and Trustworthy AI, automate data collection and model building, deployment, and governance to drive trust across the AI lifecycle.

Customer service AI

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Customer service AI

Transform standard support into exceptional care.

Thought leadership


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Telecom for a 5G future

With the advancement of 5G, telecom operators must rethink how they use connectivity to create business value.

Market outlook

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AIOps in Telecom

Read the Appledore report “AIOps in Telecom Operations” and learn how CSPs can accelerate the adoption of AI/ML.

Client report

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Security in the quantum era

Developing “quantum-safe” cryptography capabilities is crucial to maintaining data security and integrity for critical applications.