Telecommunications overview

In today’s digital era, Communications Services Providers (CSPs) play a critical role in the future of the telecom industry. This requires a telecommunication system that is more flexible with a lower cost to operate than the proprietary-centric networks of the past.

Today, IBM works with the top CSPs worldwide, bringing capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud for flexibility and innovation; industry expertise; and global delivery presence to realize this vision.


Maximize network reliability

T-Mobile uses AIOps to maximize network flexibility and efficiency despite the complexity.

Spark new revenue with 5G and Edge

AT&T and IBM are creating simulated test environments so clients can experience the power of 5G.

Create AI driven automation

IBM is helping Dish automate the United States' first greenfield cloud-native 5G network.

“Edge . . . more securely combine[s] data, 5G and human-enhanced machine learning.”

Ian Hood, Red Hat Chief Technologist, Global Industries

Network automation solution

Call center solution

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