Let’s create a sustainable future, together

There’s never been a more vital moment for the Energy and Utilities industry to embrace sustainability as a core aspect of the enterprise. From ESG reporting to asset management to energy-saving strategies, explore the ways IBM solutions can help set organizations up for long-term success in sustainability.

ESG as an accelerator

Read the ways ESG capabilities can drive profitability and growth

IBM Energy and Utilities solutions

Asset management and workforce optimization

Improve your asset management strategy and optimize performance with a full suite of operations, maintenance and HSE applications for energy and utilities

Intelligent automation of business processes

Make worker roles more productive with intelligent workflows that enable people to achieve higher value outcomes, faster

Data governance for asset optimization

Create a governed data foundation to accelerate data outcomes and address privacy and compliance requirements

Cybersecurity and proactive threat management

Identify and prevent serious threats and vulnerabilities from disrupting business operations

ESG and climate risk management

Simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data

Responsible computing and green IT

Design, deploy and manage energy- efficient infrastructures and innovations with a hybrid cloud approach

Thought leadership