The future of energy, environment and utilities

In today’s changing energy landscape, business leaders recognize that sustainability is fundamental to remain competitive. As the energy industry shifts to a more ecosystem-centric model to combat climate change, investing in sustainable energy sources helps engage business and people to participate in the change. Utilize the latest technologies to ensure your utility is ready for the new energy ecosystem.

Energy, environment and utilities case studies

Harness renewable energy with AI

Energinet uses AI analysis of big data to prepare Denmark for a greener future.

Weathering disruption to deliver results

TCS partnered with IBM Garage™ to rapidly scale their business to meet growing demand.

Increase the pace of change to a sustainable future

Greenlytics moved to IBM Cloud to further develop their solutions.

Energy, environment and utilities solutions

Asset management utilities

IBM solutions help enhance grid efficiency, safety, reliability and resilience for energy & utilities.

Customer engagement

Reduce call center operation costs and improve customer experience with data and AI.

Smart metering

Better understand actual resource usage, lower costs and enhance services through automation.


The energy supply chain and COVID-19

Providing safe, affordable reliable services to customers despite COVID-19.

Digitizing electric utilities

Build a more resilient, reliable electric infrastructure to enable sustainable growth.

Electrifying energy

An in depth look at why we need to electrify energy to sustainably fuel the future.

Discover the dynamic solutions from IBM to help you work smarter and improve how you generate and distribute energy services to customers.