think 2018

Get inspired, deepen your skills and grow your network at Think 2018. Find your community within the four Think Campuses and connect with energy industry leaders around the world. 

Explore the power of innovation

Three emerging trends in the energy and utilities industry are reshaping the marketplace. New technology, smarter grids and fundamentally changing business models are creating new challenges – and opportunities. Get up to speed on and discover our industry-leading solutions for your organization.

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Embrace the role of energy integrator

Sustainably balance distribution-side supply and demand to deliver safe, secure and reliable electricity service from traditional and renewable sources.

Grid Operations

Monitor and manage your grid infrastructure holistically.

Smart Metering

Improve network reliability, resolve issues faster and lower costs.

Engage customers as individuals

As expectations and options continue to grow, utilities must create a personal connection with each customer to increase satisfaction, loyalty and collaboration.

Customer Experience and Engagement

Deepen customer engagement for more meaningful interactions and new revenues

Customer Systems

Enable more efficient customer service and reduce operational cost.

Disruptively innovate business processes

Innovate processes with bold, analytics-rich solutions that go beyond operational excellence to unlock new dimensions of value.

Asset and Workforce Asset

Maximize asset performance, improve workforce productivity and safety, and reduce costs.

Enterprise Service Transformation

Streamline and optimize operations, and enhance supply chain efficiency.

CenterPoint Energy transforms their customer systems to anticipate needs

With the help of IBM, CenterPoint Energy is now able to anticipate customer needs so they can be more predictive and proactive.

Grid security

Malicious cyber threats are dismantling energy grids all over the world. Discover how to boost your security and prepare for an attack.


Cognitive computing

Girding the grid with cognitive computing improves forecasting and optimization.


Global IUN Coalition

Fourteen members from nine countries collaborate on energy and utilities best practices.


Water management

Improve water operations management with predictive analytics.

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