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Telecom 2030: Dial in for a decade of opportunity
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Reimagine connectivity with AI and hybrid cloud

Telcos are in a pivotal spot. Generative AI promises to transform operations across the entire enterprise, but capitalizing on this new technology remains a challenge. How can you use generative AI to create hyper-personalized customer experiences and optimize network automation? And how do you scale AI models in a responsible, trusted way?

In the news: GSMA and IBM collaborate to accelerate AI adoption and skills for the Telecoms sector


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Read the AI Guidebook, "Put AI to work for customer services in telecommunication"
Re-ignite sustained growth with AI and hybrid cloud.

AI assistants will be key to elevating the customer experience and driving revenue growth.

Transform contact centers into profit centers.

Leverage AI to transform the customer experience – from better customer care to personalized engagement and new value propositions.


Read the AI Guidebook, "Put AI to work for customer service in telecommunication"

Hybrid cloud, AI, and automation, are key to maximizing billion-dollar network infrastructure investments.

Optimize your network for value creation.

Improve OpEx, increase security, and reduce MTTR and customer churn and reinvest for innovation with intelligent, automated network operations that drive resiliency and growth. 

Read the IBV report, "Telecoms' blind spot"

Trusted data and AI governance are crucial especially when deployed across an entire network environment.

Scale AI responsibly.

Ensure trust and compliance as you scale AI with enterprise-grade governance capabilities for data and AI. 

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