Schlumberger, IBM and Red Hat® collaborate to accelerate digital transformation

Adopting IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture to expand access to the Schlumberger DELPHI cognitive exploration and production environment.

Oil and gas technology helps you adapt

Paradoxically, today’s challenges call for squeezing out cost while adding flexibility. By deriving AI insights from data, your operations can become more predictive, automated and productive. These insights form the basis for building new adaptable workflows that revolutionize how work gets done.

The first hurdle is accessing massive data from established applications, OT systems and external seismic surveys. Consider an information architecture that brings hybrid cloud and AI to the action:

  • Data platform, embracing OSDU data standard, for interoperability across disparate sources
  • Open hybrid cloud, to build with the latest open source innovations and run anywhere
  • Intelligent Workflows, processing at the Edge, for real-time operational insights

Oil and gas technology case studies

ExxonMobil rethinks customer experience

Build brand loyalty by co-creating a mobile app that simplifies the fueling experience and adds security and scale by running on IBM Cloud™.

Kuwait Oil optimizes asset management

Minimize downtime and production disruptions by managing exploration, drilling and distribution assets with IBM Maximo™.

Vivo Energy boosts enterprise efficiency

Modernize ERP to unlock operational insights for better employee experience and productivity, using IBM services and systems for SAP S/4HANA.


Become a sustainable enterprise

Leverage data to achieve your sustainability goals through greener operations and production.

Explore new possibilities with quantum

Quantum computing fathoms complex molecular interactions to improve energy exploration, production and refinement.

Unlock energy data for innovation

The Open Group OSDU™ Forum promotes more choices for data sharing and cloud independence.

Explore oil and gas industry technology solutions to help kick-start your digital transformation.