Adapt your business for the future with IT solutions for oil and gas

Today's challenges call for squeezing out cost while adding flexibility and automation. It’s possible with oil and gas solutions built on digital technologies. Getting data insights from artificial intelligence (AI) can make processes more predictive, automated and productive, improving operational efficiency.

Insights from big data analytics for oil and gas form the basis for new, adaptable workflows that revolutionize how work gets done.

The ESG ultimatum: profit or perish

Read the ways ESG capabilities can drive profitability and growth

Oil and gas industry solutions

Minimize equipment downtime

An hour of downtime can cost over USD 100,000. Proactively manage enterprise asset utilization and performance with data analytics and predictive solutions.

Accelerate sustainability performance

Respond faster and more confidently to calls for more transparent ESG measurements and disclosures from stakeholders, regulators and investors.

Optimize spare parts inventory

Leverage prescriptive analytics and insights from existing data to optimize MRO spares inventory. Reduce excess while ensuring availability of critical spares for peak asset performance.

Turn big data into insights with AI

Innovate and make informed decisions for more effective exploration and production. 

Cybersecurity and proactive threat management

Identify and prevent serious threats and vulnerabilities from disrupting business operations.

Intelligent automation of business processes

Make worker roles more productive with intelligent workflows that enable people to achieve higher value outcomes, faster.