Vaccine management on a global scale

Distributing a COVID-19 vaccine presents complex challenges. Trust is more important than ever.

Technology in government

Now more than ever, governments need to adapt to changing environments. The current coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the urgency for advancing digital transformation across all levels of government. New technologies help government agencies demonstrate agility, scale for operational resiliency, and gain actionable insights with greater confidence and speed to support citizens.

Government technology case studies

Sonoma County

Sonoma County's government helps improve citizens’ lives, from emergency natural disaster response to homelessness to healthcare.

NHS Digital

Protect constituents with enhanced cybersecurity services from IBM – to block would-be threats predictably and precisely.

LA Cyber Lab

Government leaders, the private sector and everyday citizens unite toward a common goal with IBM.

Government technology solutions

Social programs

Improve the lives of those in need using government solutions for social programs management powered by artificial intelligence.

Infrastructure and citizen services

IoT, analytics and AI infuse insights into transportation, government facilities and local economies to improve interoperability.

Defense and intelligence

Use AI, analytics, cybersecurity and hybrid cloud solutions to improve mission readiness and operations.

US Federal

Government technology solutions like hybrid cloud, security and AI are enabling federal agencies to transform.

Woman working with wires at a facility

Public safety and justice

Discover how IBM hybrid cloud and AI innovation can help your agency achieve its public safety mission.

Tax and customs

Optimize and automate tax, revenue and customs management with analytics solutions tailored for government

Education institutions

Schools and universities use information technology including data, AI and hybrid cloud to build cognitive campuses.


IBM Garage for the public sector

Innovate and transform your digital services with experts -- agile strategy, design and technology put to work for you.

Blockchain improves government business

Blockchain helps secure the sharing of data, resulting in greater trust, transparency and accountability with citizens.

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The modern government landscape is ever-changing. Explore the latest government technology news stories.

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