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Increase agility and resiliency with AI and hybrid cloud innovations
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IBM Acquires SiXworks Limited to Strengthen UK Public Sector Expertise

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Empower government services with AI

Governments continue to build on their momentum to deliver exceptional citizen services. Responsible AI and generative AI solutions can help governments improve the citizen experience, optimize operations, increase efficiency and build trust.

IBM remains committed to the service of governments and citizens around the globe—across segments including tax and revenue management, social services, health and human services, critical infrastructure, education and national security. We work with stewards in central as well as state and local governments, building on decades of innovation and co-creation. Our deep expertise helps the world conduct the business of government. 

5 key areas for governments to responsibly deploy generative AI

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Public sector stewardship with consulting services, starting with IBM Garage™
Data protection

Managing the protection of government employees’ devices, apps and data.

Asset management

Optimizing operations with IBM government asset management solutions.

Conversational AI

Improving the citizen experience with AI-powered chatbots for 24/7 support.

Data management

Modernizing infrastructure with safe and secure citizen data management options.

IBM and Red Hat

Digital transformation for government with IBM and Red Hat.

Govern AI models

Direct, manage and monitor AI models from any vendor.

Case studies Data integration in action

Sonoma County improves access to social services and housing.

Delivering cloud and IT transformation

UK's Department for Work and Pensions modernizes in two stages.

How Rome approaches digital transformation

Using AI to improve application performance across citizen services.

Safer citizens, stronger communities

Los Angeles Cyber Lab pioneers cyberthreat sharing group.

AI to mitigate infrastructure risks

Helping prolong the lifespan of aging bridges, tunnels, highways and railways.

AI and automation at the IRS

A demonstration of the US agency's commitment to deliver more seamless citizen services.

Insights The future of tax with AI

Adopting and deploying AI to improve tax administration.

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Building resilience in state governments

State CIOs play an important and expanding role in resilience.

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Open hybrid multicloud for government

A logical solution for governments, open hybrid multicloud offers flexibility while addressing security and cost concerns.

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Trusted progress with AI

Six recommendations for using AI in ways that help build public trust.


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Advancing government services with responsible generative AI

Re-imagining state and local government services in five critical areas.

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