Technology solutions for healthcare

The global COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for digital reinvention and adoption of healthcare technology solutions. Let IBM’s expertise help you navigate an increasingly interconnected and data-rich ecosystem. Reimagine your approach to transformation with a smarter architecture, modernize your core systems, adopt open standards and scale the value of data. We help you design secure platform experiences that support your data and artificial intelligence needs across the enterprise.

We support the healthcare industry and those who deliver health and human services, via telehealth or in person, to drive improvements in cost and quality, innovation and outcomes. We offer a unique combination of advanced technology solutions to help you drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organizations, and the ability to implement at scale, with the support of a trusted partner.

Healthcare technology solutions case studies

NHS Digital

Engages IBM security services to improve readiness and resilience for the sake of patient care.


Reduces costly pre-service calls and improves the provider experience with conversational AI.

North York General Hospital

Learn how the hospital and its care providers continuously improves quality of care for better outcomes with powerful, flexible analytics.

Healthcare technology solutions

Enterprise modernization

Accelerate agility, gain efficiency, streamline and scale by embracing automation and hybrid cloud models.

Make your data work for you

Unlock the power of your data to help improve quality, safety and population health management.

Healthcare consumer and employee engagement

Innovate to better connect with patients, members and your employees within your healthcare system.


The healthcare technology imperative

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate hospital readiness and adoption paths for next-gen technology solutions, including cloud, data and AI.

Blockchain in healthcare

Healthcare providers and payers look to blockchain for better trial data management. Blockchain technology also ensures medical records and electronic health records (EHRs) maintain personal privacy and regulatory compliance.

A healthy outlook

Healthcare organizations are employing new digital technologies to create value in the healthcare industry.

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