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Improve patient care and operational efficiency with IBM’s advanced healthcare solutions, secure platforms, and robust automation powered by AI.
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Embark on a digital reinvention

Adoption of healthcare technology and digital reinvention have accelerated in recent years.

IBM helps drives transformation in the healthcare industry with a smarter architecture, modernized core systems, adoption of open standards and scaled data value. We design secure platform experiences for data and artificial intelligence needs across enterprise.

We also offer you advanced healthcare technology solutions to drive impact, services to digitally transform and the ability to implement at scale with a trusted partner.


Rethinking the front door of healthcare

Learn how citizen engagement in healthcare can help address the mismatch between healthcare supply and demand.

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Healthcare technology solutions

Make better point-of-care decisions with coud solutions for healthcare and life sciences
Create smarter customer experiences

Harness the data, tools and tech that make great customer experience possible.

Put intelligent IT to work

Drive dynamic business outcomes by ensuring application and infrastructure performance.

Operationalize AI across business

Use IBM Watson’s AI or build your own machine learning models.

Healthcare storage solutions

Readily access healthcare data faster, smarter and more affordably.

Security and identity

Secure your resources and simplify regulatory compliance.

Data protection

Protect healthcare data on devices connected to your network.

Case studies Humana

Humana reduced costly pre-service calls and improved the provider experience with conversational AI.


Providence protected the health of its cloud and hybrid environment and maintained the resilience of its critical applications.

NHS Digital

NHS Digital increased cybersecurity preparedness and resilience for the sake of patient care.

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Royal Melbourne Hospital implemented a digital facilities management solution to streamline processes for better customer, staff and patient experiences.


Mayden used observability to support delivery of mental health services and improve patient outcomes.

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust

Utilizing IBM® watsonx.ai™ technology, UHCW NHS Trust enhanced patient-centered care delivery by serving over 700 more patients weekly, experiencing a 6% drop in missed appointments for some patients.

Insights Read the IBM Healthcare blog The urgency of healthcare interoperability

Making patient data sharable and secure requires a new way of thinking about healthcare systems.

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Better health outcomes with AI-powered virtual assistants 

Industry-wide deployment of AI-enabled tools for healthcare isn't without its challenges. But AI is worth it for both patients and providers.

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Exploring quantum computing for healthcare

Quantum computing could enable a range of disruptive use cases for providers and health plans.


Read the IBV report
Protect data on healthcare devices 

The combination of increasingly powerful computers and AI offers the possibility to be able to detect, diagnose, and cure diseases like never before.

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