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Systems of care are transforming. Organizations are converging and new partnerships are forming. To meet the modern demands of a changing world requires breadth of expertise, end to end solutions and the unparalleled commitment of IBM, developing the essential technologies  for the healthcare industry of the future.

Deliver value and reduce costs

Create an efficient, more sustainable and secure healthcare system.


Healthcare’s data dilemma: A blessing or a curse?

The ability to capture, integrate and analyze data across different stakeholders, care settings and geographies is essential, as is modernizing infrastructure to increase agility. 

Utilizing new age technologies to reinvent hospitals

Digitization is revolutionizing information access and availability, creating urgency for rapid IT response and continuous information services. Are you ready to meet today’s demand and tomorrow’s requirements?

Modernizing HIT for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities

Providers are developing strategies to move beyond the current status quo to implement next generation healthcare information technology (IT).

Precision medicine: crucial trends you need to know

Find out what is driving the current state of change and the forces that will enable a more data-driven, personal approach to predictable medicine.

Care and health innovation

Unlock the power of your data to help improve quality, safety and lay the groundwork for data-driven decision making.


Healthy aging with help from high-tech AI and IoT

Avamere and IBM conducted a first of its kind project using real-time data from instrumented senior living residences and AI to proactively monitor the health and well-being of older adults.

Navigating healthcare transformation

Watson Health offers end-to-end solutions for providers and organizations pursuing greater value in healthcare.

IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare

Provide a deeper view of key performance indicators and other measures to help better understand population-level health, manage and quantify risk.


Tackling a worldwide health epidemic

Medtronic is working with IBM® Watson Health™ to build Sugar.IQ with Watson, a cognitive mobile personal assistant app that will provide real-time actionable glucose insights and predictions.

Gain insight into consumers

Engage, improve and transform the experience for your health consumers.


Loneliness and the aging population

Many diverse stakeholders can help mitigate the impact of solitude and risks associated with loneliness that can affect older adults.

Consumers at the heart of healthcare

Healthcare has long aspired to “patient-centricity.” Now, new players vying to enter the healthcare market are finding abundant opportunities to own a piece of the industry.

Helping to perceive how a patient is going to respond to care

Learn about Clarify Health's platform using predictive analytics.

Engaging health consumers with artificial intelligence

Explore how health insurers can bring the consumer experience from retail and other industries into an enhanced member experience.

Accelerate personalized healthcare and other biomedical workloads

Healthcare and life science organizations worldwide must manage, access, store, share, and analyze big data within the constraints of their IT budgets. IBM’s reference architecture for healthcare and life sciences defines a platform for delivering the highest levels of performance for big data workloads, while also lowering the total cost of IT ownership.


Where will you be?

2020 vision for the future of healthcare


Healthcare rallies for blockchains

Healthcare organizations may not be the hidebound institutions many claim them to be. They appear to be setting the pace on blockchain adoption, slightly ahead of the financial industry. 


A healthy outlook

Digital reinvention in healthcare. Healthcare organizations are employing new digital technologies to create new value in the industry.

IBM and Red Hat

Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud combined with IBM’s innovation and industry expertise provide access to the tools and talent needed to accelerate your cloud journey.

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