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Top 10 best practices for successful multicloud management

Working with thousands of enterprise clients, IBM has identified the 10 key pain points and associated best practices to succeed in a multicloud environment.

Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Multivendor Support Services (MVS)

As your enterprise adopts new technologies, the cost and complexity of  IT support grows exponentially. Learn how IBM can help you streamline and reduce IT support cost by  25%.

Ponemon Institute: 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study

Learn more about the cost of a data breach, and the benefits that Business Continuity Management can deliver to alleviate the impact of a data breach.

Cloud Services

Tapping multicloud vendors delivers clear business benefits

Companies with multicloud services are outperforming their peers on a number of metrics. Get the insights from the survey of 100 senior IT professionals.

Enterprise Applications and Cloud Managed Services: 269 CIOs share their views

A Frost & Sullivan survey of 269 senior IT executives reveals why companies are using cloud managed services for SAP or Oracle workloads.

Managed Applications

G2 Tecnologia and IBM: Improving Customer Service

To make its new venture commercially viable, G2 needed to achieve low IT overheads while providing excellent service quality. In selecting IBM, G2 chose a partner that could provide outstanding reliability and performance for clients while reducing the time and cost of managing its new offering.

Migrate your mission-critical applications using cloud managed services

Find out the biggest challenges of cloud migration and how the right managed cloud provider can help you overcome all of them.

Why companies are using cloud managed services for ERP workloads

This Frost & Sullivan white paper based on a survey of 269 senior IT executives reveals why more companies are deploying managed services, and the benefits they are getting. 

Business Resiliency Services

Hyundai Heavy Industries successfully defends against disruption

Hyundai partnered with IBM Business Resiliency Services to implement a robust disaster recovery solution ensuring data continuity, stability and real-time availability.

Five key technologies for cyber resilience

The paper outlines strategies you can implement to modify your data protection and recovery practices to address the evolving cyber threat landscape.

IBM Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery demo

Learn how the centralized dashboard provides real-time visibility into RPO/RTO deviations, snapshot validation status, and critical cyber recovery updates.

Technology Support Services

Augmented reality (AR) Remote Assist

Augmented Remote Assist empowers you to solve your own hardware issues, whatever expertise is needed, with a simple touch of a button.

Optimize IT support for heterogenous IT environments

Estimate your potential 3-year cost savings when you contract with IBM as your technology support provider for your heterogeneous IT environment. 

Solving the Open Source Software (OSS) support challenge

As adoption of OSS continues to grow, companies are challenged by limited support. IBM provides support for the solution stack at any stage of software development.

Network Services

Transforming to software-defined networks (SDN) with IBM and Cisco

Learn how IBM leverages Cisco ACI to make use of automation capabilities in network architecture to solve our client's bandwidth issues at lower costs.

Real-world SD-WAN deployment

Learn the complete SD-WAN adoption lifecycle including research, evaluation and consideration, cost and needs analysis, setup, testing and implementation.

MultiNetwork Services demo

Learn how SD-WAN solutions offer security and scalability and steer network traffic through multiple service providers to multicloud platforms.

Digital Workplace Services

Brazilian food company BRF

Learn how an AI service desk speeds the IT help experience for the employees of BRF. The virtual agent fields more than 2,000 calls per month that would otherwise have to be managed by a human agent.

Accelerating the support experience with the cognitive, AI-powered help desk

At a time when droves of enterprise workers are turning to AI-powered tools for IT support, IDC focuses its critical eye on the topic. Learn the IDC point of view on AI help desks. 

Gartner names IBM as the leader for managed mobility services

See why the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant says IBM Digital Workplace Services has a "forward-thinking edge" for the fourth year in a row.