IBM has acquired Oniqua, a global innovator in maintenance-repair-operate (MRO) inventory optimization solutions and services for asset-intensive industries. The Oniqua inventory platform combines statistical analyses, prescriptive analytics, and optimization algorithms to deliver decision support through informative dashboards. Here's why that's important:

  • Most asset-intensive organizations have siloed and unstructured data scattered across multiple business units.
  • Without access to current data on key assets, it's difficult to take timely action — which can have dire business consequences.
  • Oniqua helps reduce unscheduled downtime by constantly monitoring and analyzing enterprise-wide asset inventory data.
  • These insights help ensure the right parts and materials are available when you need them.

The acquisition of Oniqua expands IBM Asset Optimization Practice capabilities to help you shrink and optimize MRO inventories, better predict critical equipment failures and get proactive guidance to help eliminate unplanned interruptions. Building on the capabilities of IBM Maximo® and predictive maintenance, Oniqua technologies help improve next-generation inventory optimization offerings from IBM as well as enhance the IBM solutions-as-a-service portfolio.

Inventory optimization is critical to the digital transformation of mining, oil and gas, utilities, and other asset-intensive industries. IBM solutions enhanced with Oniqua technologies help your business monitor and manage MRO inventory for predictive and prescriptive maintenance so parts are available when needed to help reduce downtime.

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