Transform your enterprise with hybrid WAN and SD-WAN

What are IBM Services for Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and hybrid WAN?

IBM managed services helps you to transform your enterprise with SD-WAN and hybrid WAN by allowing your business to dynamically manage WAN traffic in hybrid or SD-WAN environments. It does this by routing traffic at any time to any cloud platform with a single, consistent view of the WAN infrastructure.

How can hybrid SD-WAN services transform your enterprise?

IBM managed services enables you to adopt a network-as-a-service approach for integrating and managing hybrid cloud networks across multiple transport and technology providers.

What are the best use cases for hybrid SD-WAN services?

IBM can help with your business’ transformational journey. IBM managed services hybrid multicloud and 5G edge focuses on software driven virtualization and cloud adoption of technologies across Access, Edge, and Core. These managed services include capabilities around VNF (such as vRAN), Multi-access Edge Cloud, Network Slicing, SD-WAN on 5G, Service Management (DevOps) and Infrastructure Management and Security services for 5G.

What you get with IBM Services for Software-Defined WAN

Global Network Peering Platform (GNPP)

IBM’s GNPP provides automated aggregation, load sharing and integration across multiple providers in a hybrid cloud environment

Network function virtualization (NFV) and orchestration

Move away from vendor lock-in to allow unprecedented choice in the cloud and network services based on moment-to-moment needs

SD-WAN managed services

Roll out new sites or add more WAN capacity quickly by leveraging broadband internet bandwidth to augment the MPLS network instead of trying to orchestrate IT, network and software changes

Secure SD-WAN

Secure connectivity over all transports while supporting carrier transport independence

Transform your enterprise connectivity with IBM MultiNetwork Services

Benefits of IBM Services for Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Improve global agility and cloud access

Use a vendor agnostic software-defined approach to combine network services and leverage IBM's proven platform to quickly establish access to hundreds of cloud services globally.

Enhance performance at a lower cost

Increase bandwidth and reduce MPLS costs – IBM clients have experienced up to 30% more bandwidth and 25% lower MPLS costs – by using the best performing, best priced transport services for their needs.

Simplify management

Aggregate hybrid cloud management across carriers, technologies and locations, and gain global visibility into your network using a single corporate dashboard.

Build a reliable, secure and flexible WAN with SD-WAN Managed Services

The enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) challenge is growing in both cost and complexity. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) uses network virtualization to utilize, manage and secure network transport over the Internet. It offers an ability to manage and plan network requirements with software-based tools and centralized management. IBM MultiNetwork Services offers managed SD-WAN services for key SD-WAN tenets such as uCPE, orchestration, VNF and cloud connectivity.


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