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Senior Software Development Manager, IBM Global Business Services

Paul Austin



Paul Austin is a Senior Software Development Manager at IBM with 29 years of experience across the development lifecycle including technical writing, customer support, development and testing. He is passionate about celebrating differences, utilizing strengths, instigating change and encouraging healthy irreverence. In 2015, inspired by the work of Specialisterne and SAP, Paul created an employee resource group around autism support, acceptance and hiring, which quickly attracted over 600 IBMers worldwide. Through this community, he met colleagues Shalini Pahwa and Andrew Williams. In 2017, the trio created a pilot program in IBM Lansing to train and hire individuals with an autism spectrum disorder with the support of Specialisterne, USA and Autism Alliance of Michigan.  The pilot resulted in the hiring of six autistic individuals. Paul is also a community volunteer, gardener, soap maker, and amateur blacksmith. He graduated from the State University of New York College at Oswego with BA in Writing Arts.