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The essence

Leading organizations are taking a strategic approach to enabling their enterprise with AI technologies; they are solving complex problems, infusing intelligent capabilities into processes and investing to create a new and preferred future. What can you learn from AI’s leading organizations – the Reinventors?

This report, part of the 19th edition of our ongoing Global C-suite Study series, draws on input from 3,069 conversations with C-suite executives (CxOs) from April through June 2017. Here, we explore their perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that enable the Digital Reinvention™ of enterprises.

What’s inside

  • Reinventors are reframing their enterprises to tap into data they don’t yet have – or don’t have in sufficient supply.
  • As vast quantities of data and AI technologies combine, executives indicate that market-of-one segmentation is less about individualizing products and more about the personalization of the customer experience.
  • To compete, organizations are “rewiring” their operating models for speed and responsiveness. The cognitive enterprise can do something more – become situationally aware with the potential to respond autonomously.

It is very helpful to have something that can create inferences. My job is to create intimacy at scale and AI helps me do that.

Jason Alan Snyder, Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Worldwide, United States

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