Five trends shaping the future of enterprise computing

Desktop and application virtualization can help reduce costs by up to 30%

Fact: A growing number of enterprise employees want to work remotely at least some of the time.

Opportunity: By honoring this request, employers can earn favorable reviews — like 'friendly,’ ‘flexible’ and even ‘progressive’ — and find cost savings in providing support.

Challenge: IT gets the task of enabling anywhere, anytime work arrangements, while at the same time ensuring that remote access to corporate data and apps is straightforward, reliable and secure. Understanding and benchmarking end user's typical days, and leveraging those insights to design better work experiences is no easy task.

Solution: This is where Workplace Virtualization Services comes in. This service moves end-user computing from employee workstations to a centralized, server-based infrastructure - on premise, in a collocated datacenter or on the cloud - and employees can access data and apps on the devices they prefer, including BYOD.

We lead with our signature workplace solution, which provides a comprehensive understanding of the people, process and technology aspects of the workplace. The insights gathered through analytics translate into fit-for-purpose solutions built with end-user experience in mind.

As a result, our customers report significantly reduced total cost of ownership, easier device management, maintenance and support, better scalability and, most importantly,  happier employees.

The IBM approach to desktop virtualization and application virtualization



We start with an analytics-driven assessment to identify how applications are consumed on end points. This enables us to understand current use cases and derive your organization's future needs. 



We design a desktop virtualization approach for your organization's end users ensuring balance between performance and cost  and security to the core.



We build, test, pilot and scale the solution ensuring minimum disruption to end users while managing the risks.




We transition the deployed solution to 24x7 global operations, and continuously improve end-user experiences, as measured against the baseline, through the use of industry-leading analytics solutions.

Benefits of IBM Workplace Virtualization Services

Reduced total cost of ownership

Analytics driven

Easier device management, maintenance and support

Robust and proven methodology...

on any device

Better scalability

Anytime, anywhere and on any device

Happier employees

User experience at the core


Five trends shaping the future of enterprise computing

Receive guidance on how the modern digital workplace is helping organizations.

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