RMIT Online is a subsidy for the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, which serves as the university’s digital learning platform providing a variety of short courses and accreditation courses designed for professionals seeking to upskill and progress in their careers.

As online learning continues to gain popularity, RMIT Online has experienced high levels of interest from professionals seeking to advance their careers. Despite receiving large lead volumes of interested prospects, RMIT Online was not converting these leads at a high enough level to hit their enrollment targets.

"One of the biggest challenges and opportunities in our business was figuring out how to identify our most interested prospects, and nurture them through the enrollment process in a way that feels effortless. We're a digital business, so we needed a digital, omnichannel approach that complimented our sales process," said Liam Markus, CRM Manager at RMIT Online.

With a small sales team already under fatigue, a "batch and blast to the database" approach was being executed. It became clear the RMIT Online needed to reassess its Marketing Cloud strategy and bring in a partner.


Their prior implementation of Marketing Cloud lacked efficient automation and personalization, causing RMIT Online to reexamine its lead acquisition and conversion strategy.

An extensive data analysis project commenced, examining lead conversion and key indicators of RMIT Online’s hottest prospects. The analysis identified clear segments of leads and conversion behaviors, which IBM brought to life by architecting highly personalized journeys. RMIT Online discovered that duplicate leads, which account for about a third of its overall lead volume, had the highest propensity to convert and developed high priority journeys to generate incremental uplift in course enrolments. After syncing its Salesforce and Marketing Clouds, RMIT Online built a lead engine within Marketing Cloud that runs 27 rules over every lead to help determine its ideal path.

"We're striving to provide an effortless and highly personal enrollment experience. We're keen to give them relevant information, inspire them and then make it as easy as possible to enroll,” said Markus.


With new lead scoring rules in place, prospects now receive targeted, relevant communications throughout the consideration journey. IBM also helped RMIT Online take its Salesforce instance into an omnichannel environment with mobile components as well as connecting nurturing campaigns with sales team activity.

After only five months, Marketing Cloud nurturing activity is now generating 23% of total enrollments for the university. In addition, sessions generated from the new Marketing Cloud journeys are converting at just under 2%. RMIT Online is now working on its next project for its accreditation courses focused on streamlining the application process.

  • Increased session to enrollment conversion rate from CRM activity clickthrough by more than 250%

Our approach has transformed from a manual, batch and blast approach to a sophisticated, automated nurturing strategy, which now serves up more personalized journeys based on each lead’s specific attributes.

Liam Markus, CRM Manager, RMIT Online

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