For a systems programmer, migrating, installing and maintaining an operating system, its related products can be very time consuming; And, because it is resource-intensive, some companies that lack the staff necessary to perform these operations may ultimately be sidetracked from the critical business-related responsibilities.

SystemPac for z/OS not only provides migration support but it also simplifies the way one creates or upgrades a complete software system and helps exploit new z/OS functions in a short period of time.

SystemPac is based on the supplied IODF. It integrates IBM products in a single deliverable and installs all products simultaneously.

SystemPac is enhanced with the default enabling of DB2, CICS TS, IMS and MQSeries -- with the possibility to order none, all or just one. Similar to the integration of IBM products, when ordered:

  • SystemPac and the aforementioned subsystems are integrated in the same single deliverable
  • the option to separate integrated subsystems by DASD volume and SMP/E environment from the MVS SREL products or from themselves is available and can be separately installed

Also, once ordered, these subsystems are enabled and are automatically started at IPL.

SystemPac is tailored based upon each customer's specified parameters and is designed to exploit new technology which enables the software required to build an e-business Application Server environment. This includes e-business enabled in IBM default mode, initial setup and customization of WebSphere Application Server and all of its prerequisites, among other things.

Another unique capability of SystemPac is the ability to order some older generally supported products which have been withdrawn from marketing (in other words, no longer orderable via entitled delivery). For example, when the latest release of z/OS becomes generally available in September, the previous n-1 release of z/OS is withdrawn from marketing and is no longer orderable via no-charge entitled ServerPac and CBPDO a month later in October. As part of fee-based SystemPac, the n-1 release of z/OS is still available for ordering for an additional 8 months after its withdrawal date, typically up through June of the following year. For additional z/OS software and middleware, see the ShopzSeries product catalog to find out if the product is still orderable with SystemPac.

Further, SystemPac reduces install time and effort through its full volume dump which guarantees an IPL-able system upon restore.

Also, there is no need to learn nor use the installation dialogs to perform the installation; However, the Dump by Dataset format gives the option to do so.

In addition, a functional z/OS system restored and IPL'ed within less than a day is highly possible since most of the post installation jobs are run during the manufacturing of the ordered SystemPac. Detailed instructions in the SystemPac installation guide is then provided which informs clients on what has been done and what configuration was setup.

Not only that: SystemPacs include selective follow-on services (SFS) based on the shipped SMP/E CSI profile to help maintain a system over a specified period of time. The SFS are ordered at the same time as the SystemPac and contain critical service that has become available since the SystemPac or previous SFS were built.

When compared to a ServerPac, a SystemPac installs faster, has less skill requirements and errors, more automated, can be ordered with IBM products and subsystems in one integrated deliverable, and most importantly, since SystemPac conforms to the existing installation environment, there is no additional migration cost to a standard configuration.

In addition to electronic delivery, SystemPac is orderable on DVD. Installation using DVD requires a workstation with a DVD drive that can read discs in DVD-5 (single-sided, single-layer) format and a network connection to your z/OS system.

SystemPac is available for Internet delivery for orders placed using Shopz in countries where SystemPac is available.

Highlights Include:

  • Installation of IBM products in a single package
  • Comes customized according to the client's specific needs
  • Is available for Internet delivery using ShopzSeries
  • Provides fast and easy exploitation of new z/OS functions
  • Helps maintain systems over time using customized packages
  • Can include non-marketed products
  • Leverages, integrates, and exploits core applications and subsystems
  • Helps free IT resources to perform critical business-related tasks