Big Data Consulting Services from IBM provides strategy, engineering, portfolio and organization services to support your big data efforts. These services include implementing and providing ongoing maintenance, enhancement and support of big data, analytics and cognitive solutions and capabilities.

  • Rely on foundational and enhancement services that can drive end-to-end savings.
  • Drive increased adoption with services for business transformation.
  • Apply as-a-service enablement that can deliver value at speed and scale.
  • Explore the new frontier with cognitive solutions for data lakes.

The benefits

Increase accuracy and productivity using cognitive technology to read text.

Get faster, simpler access to actionable insights for improved outcomes.

Help achieve cost reductions for ongoing enhancements and support.


Foundational and Enhancement Services

Rely on the deep experience of IBM in big data and analytics to establish a solid base for flexible and robust environments using both prebuilt and custom components. The foundational service lays the ground work for new settings while the enhancement service augments existing big data environments.

Services for Business Transformation

Address many of the barriers to business adoption of big data and analytics solutions. This suite of services can be selectively combined to meet the unique needs of each client. The suite includes services focused on information access, data processing, decision science and innovation.

As-a-service Enablement

IBM offers strategy, design and implementation services to help you establish new platforms and migrate existing ones to as-a-service. This set of services supports cloud, on-premises and hybrid architectures.

Cognitive Solutions for Data Lakes

IBM helps clients extract maximum business value from their data lake environments. These solutions extend and add such capabilities as corpus management, search and explore, machine learning, natural language processing, and insight and hypothesis generation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

IBM infuses business intelligence and analytics technologies into the fiber of problem solving to help you make better decisions faster.

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Case studies

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Find out how a health insurance company redefined its data architecture with the IBM Digital Insights Platform.

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Meet our experts

Prithwi Thakuria

Global Lead, Big Data and Analytics Services

Bruce Tyler

Partner, Global Big Data Analytics Leader

Tony Giordano

Global Leader, Data Platform Services

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