Who is Platform Test?

Our emphasis is on simulating the customer experience, including cross-product interoperability, orderly upgrades and migrations, high availability, systems management, and various other systems-related activities. We aim to simulate the workload volume and variety, transaction rates, and lock contention rates that exist in a typical customer shop, stressing many of the same areas of the system that our customers stress. Ultimately, we believe that only by acting like customers ourselves can we understand what our own customers actually experience when they use our products.

Our Services


The IBM i® test team performs a full end-to-end test, which provides a pre-GA readiness assessment of the ability of IBM i to be installed and operated in customer-like environments.

Power Systems

The IBM Power Systems™ Platform Test (also known as Integration Test) organization consists of the POWER Systems Platform Test (pPET) and Custom Testing Partnership (CTP) teams. These teams fulfill a solution test readiness assessment of POWER software and hardware components. They also provide integration validation across the IBM product stack. Key pre-production test services to select customers are also included.

z Systems

z Systems™ Platform Evaluation Test (also known as Integration Test) organization consists of the z/OS Platform Evaluation Test (zPET), Linux Virtual Servers Platform Evaluation Test, Consolidated Service Test (CST) and other z/OS test strategies and testing environments teams. A team of z/OS testers and system programmers run a Parallel Sysplex on which we perform the final verification of a z/OS release and z Systems hardware and System Storage before they become generally available to clients.

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