What is IBM platform test services?

By performing platform tests that simulate cross-product interoperability, orderly upgrades and migrations, high availability, systems management, and various other systems-related activities, IBM platform test services simulate challenges faced by typical IT customers. Because, ultimately, we believe that only by acting like customers ourselves can we understand what our own customers actually experience when they use our products.


IBM i OS platform tests

The IBM® i® test team places the same emphasis on system reliability and availability in our own test environments as customers do in their production environments. We try to incorporate and use new technology exactly as customers would — finding and debugging outages and problems, so that customers don’t. We might not find every single bug in millions of lines of code, but we perform escape analysis and incorporate new test cases to prevent similar problems from making their way into the field in the future.

IBM Power Systems platform tests

Our team works to implement complete solutions of IBM Power Systems servers, IBM Storage, SAN, and appropriate software components, in the way customers might use it. That means doing much more than just ensuring that products work together—it means understanding what it takes to introduce, implement, and effectively use new products and functions in a full production environment at the same time thousands of end users are expecting constant availability.

IBM Z platform tests

If two software products are going to run together on the same operating system, they must be tested together.  As part of this, the IBM Z® platform test team verifies that all elements and features of z/OS® work seamlessly together and can support true production, mission-critical work.  We test workloads with attention to service level agreements and performance objectives.  We run multiple hardware and software products to ensure they work appropriately, and finally, we ensure a wide range of open source Linux apps and app servers, databases, and tools work on — and are optimized for — IBM Z.

Additional testing

From IBM Z to IBM LinuxONE™, from consolidated service tests to OS tests, IBM is available to help you connect with experts, collaborate, and stay informed.