Why Lab Services for IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE

IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE technical consultants help you leverage the unique capabilities of IBM zSystems and LinuxONE to build the foundation for today’s hybrid cloud and enterprise IT data center on highly available z/OS, zVM, KVM and Linux infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud

Design and deploy on-premise and OpenStack-based hybrid cloud infrastructure for enterprise transactions, systems of record and application workloads with help from our team. We provide services for integrating with cloud management and orchestration platforms, including Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform as well as enabling cloud native experiences using API-enabling technology such as z/OS Connect and z/OSMF.

Enterprise security and Encryption Everywhere

Today, pervasive encryption has become a requirement, not a nice to have.  We advise on using built-in enterprise security capabilities and how to simplify complex operational security processes. We provide security health checks and deployment across IBM zSystems and LinuxONE for all levels of Pervasive Encryption and Data Privacy, as well as providing assistance in the areas of auditing and compliance for standards such as PCI, HIPPA and GDPR.

Enterprise Linux®

Enterprise-grade platforms for Linux on IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE enable open solutions in the data center with trusted operations and unrivaled economics. We provide services for many popular Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu and Suse as well as numerous options of virtualization including z/VM, KVM and LPAR. We focus on clients new to the platform with specialized offerings, including support of select open-source solutions and assistance in migrating from x86 Linux environments to cost-effective and scalable alternatives on LinuxONE or IBM zSystems.

Cyber resiliency

IBM z16™ is designed to ensure isolation of workloads at scale, protect against insider and outsider attacks, deliver continuous service and mitigate downtime.  We help clients plan and deploy Cyber Resiliency capabilities available with IBM zSystems and LinuxONE. We help clients with a wide range of services for service resiliency, including monitoring and assessing the availability of workloads running on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE systems, and recommending best practices for optimal performance and resiliency across database, server, storage and virtualization environments.

Systems and Application Performance

By monitoring and assessing the performance and efficiency of systems, application and database environments on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE, we can recommend and help clients implement best practices for optimal performance across database, server, storage, and virtualization environments.

IBM Z Forward Acceleration Initiative

IBM Z Forward Acceleration Initiative helps clients make the most of their IBM zSystems investment and accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure and expedite the adoption of new technologies. Services include Pervasive Encryption, Data Privacy Passports, Hyper Protect, Red Hat OpenShift, Cyber Vault and more.

Expertise Connect

Expertise Connect subscription services are designed to help clients achieve their business outcomes faster and more successfully through an ongoing trusted advisor relationship. Expertise Connect provides IBM Systems Lab Services clients with an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) and one or more of experienced Lab Services consultants, who become extended members of your team and act as trusted advisors and mentors.


Performance, trusted security, and services are why 44 of the top 50 banks, many government and healthcare organizations and all top 10 insurers run on IBM zSystems and IBM LinuxONE. To make the most of your investment, consider IBM Lab Services for zSystems and Linux


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