Why Lab Services for Storage?

With big data, analytics and AI, the need for well-designed storage is more important than ever and IBM Systems Lab Services offers infrastructure services to help you build the foundation for today’s hybrid cloud and enterprise IT data centers. Lab Services consultants help you deploy the building blocks of a next-generation storage infrastructure, including IBM Spectrum® Scale, IBM Elastic Storage® Server, IBM Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Control.


IBM Storage Solutions for Data and AI

Multicloud solutions and AI workloads are driven by data. We bring infrastructure expertise to enable advanced analytics with IBM Spectrum Scale, Elastic Storage Server, IBM Storage Insights, IBM Spectrum Discover, IBM Flash and NVMe to provide the robust, flexible, fast and secure platform for data-driven workloads that deliver the customer insight your business needs to succeed.


Lab Services consultants can help you build data-driven multicloud solutions delivered on the virtually unlimited range of hybrid storage options from IBM Systems. We help plan and implement OpenShift on x86 or Power utilizing IBM Storage with a cloud-native solution. We provide services to migrate or deploy virtualized storage to public cloud. We help you design and implement to strengthen availability of storage environment to ensure no disruption in service should a disaster or cyber incident occur. IBM consultants will provide planning and analyzing for data protection in a cloud environment.

Modern Data Protection

We help you use your storage infrastructure to its fullest by deploying IBM Spectrum Storage Suite.  You gain insight into how systems are really being utilized, allowing faster decision making and customized reporting. We help keep data safe by deploying IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, and deliver efficient infrastructure management to simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring, and reporting with IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, a cloud-based service.

Storage Strategy and Optimization

As next generation workloads emerge, both new and traditional data continue growing. That’s why storage services consultants can help you modernize and transform storage infrastructures to support your initiatives while also containing cost and reducing complexity. Our Storage Infrastructure Optimization (SIO) and rapid storage assessment storage engagements are tailored for your needs and can provide a complete storage strategy or tactical recommendations to address business and technology requirements, giving you an optimized and simplified agile infrastructure.

Cyber Resiliency

We help you deploy solutions to address the increasing risks and impacts associated with cyber attacks. We enable you to leverage proven expertise to consult, plan, design and implement data protection, data management and storage management solutions, utilizing IBM FlashSystems and the Spectrum Protect family.

The Cyber Incident Response Storage Assessment (CIRSA) offering assists and expedites clients’ efforts in developing a data protection and recovery strategy to enable a successful response in the event of a cyber incident.

Storage for IBM Z

We help you improve data security on their mainframe storage. We enable you to optimize and enhance your business continuity and disaster recovery. IBM consultants provide planning for cyber attack prevention, protection and recovery.


With infrastructure expertise to help you build the foundation of a smart enterprise, Lab Services Systems Consulting services can help you find and deploy the building blocks of a next-generation IT infrastructure that empowers your business.


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