Who is Lab Services Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure?

Proven Expertise

IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure solutions help clients efficiently capture, deliver, manage, and protect data with superior performance. Optimizing data storage with IBM allows clients to collect, curate, and access the right data at the right time, providing the foundation for cognitive computing. A secure, software defined storage environment can efficiently extract the most value from unprecedented volume and variety of data facing a client’s organization. Software defined infrastructure helps transform a static IT infrastructure into a dynamic resource, workload and data-aware environment running locally, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.

IBM Systems Lab Services Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure is a team of expert consultants with proven expertise on all aspects of designing and building storage and software defined infrastructure systems. Lab Services consultants have skills in storage infrastructure, object storage, IBM Spectrum Storage Management, and IBM Spectrum Computing for intelligent workloads and policy-driven resource scheduling.

Our Services

Flash Storage

We help clients determine if IBM FlashSystem products are the best fit for their operational needs and can accelerate their applications. We also provide services to ensure optimal implementation and seamless integration of these solutions into storage environments.

Object Storage

We help clients design and deploy IBM Cloud Object Storage System in deployment options that work with your business—in your data centers, the cloud, or a combination of both in a hybrid-cloud configuration. IBM Cloud Object Storage can be deployed as you choose—and changed as quickly as your business needs—providing you unprecedented choice, control and efficiency.

High Performance Computing

We help clients implement and optimize IBM Spectrum Computing’s intelligent and policy-driven resource management solutions for the distributed mission-critical high performance computing (HPC) systems.

Analytics for Cognitive Business

We help clients deploy storage management at scale for big data analytics services. We bring proven expertise to design, build and deliver a data analytics platform. We enable advanced analytics for better customer insight with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Compute to provide the robust, flexible, fast, and secure platform for clients’ analytics queries.

Storage Strategy and Optimization Consulting

We help clients modernize and transform storage infrastructures to support the growth of both new and traditional data, while containing cost and reducing complexity. Our storage infrastructure optimization and data pattern analytics storage consulting engagements are tailored for clients and can provide a complete storage strategy or tactical recommendations to address business and technology requirements. Our focus is to provide our clients with an optimized and simplified agile infrastructure and to demonstrate the value of our recommendations.

Service Predictability

We help clients get the best use of their storage infrastructure using IBM Spectrum Storage Suite with insight into how systems are really being utilized, allowing faster decision making and providing customized reporting. We help clients deploy the industry-leading virtualization of IBM Spectrum Virtualize that transforms existing and new storage and streamlines deployment for a simpler, more responsive, scalable, and cost-efficient IT infrastructure. We also help clients deliver efficient infrastructure management to simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring, and reporting.


We help clients migrate data from a traditional IT environment to the cloud environment, or build data disaster recovery architecture between hybrid clouds (or hybrid cloud and traditional IT environment). We bring our vast experience and industry knowledge to help you make policy decisions on archive, scale-out storage, object storage, and on and off premise options, using the IBM Spectrum family including IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Accelerate, and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Hybrid Storage

We help clients build and deliver on the virtually unlimited range of hybrid storage options including IBM SAN Volume Controller, Storwize product family, DS8000, XIV, and FlashSystem solutions, tailoring them to your exact business delivery needs to accelerate growth and innovation while controlling costs. Lab Services Training also offers the proven expertise to minimize your buy-to-use timeline and ensure speedy return on investment.

IBM Systems Lab Services

We can help you ...

IBM Systems Lab Services has the proven expertise to help leaders design, build, and deliver IT infrastructure for the cognitive era.

With proven expertise derived from a combination of business and technical experience, we can help you:

  • Design for cognitive business
  • Build with collaborative innovation
  • Deliver through a cloud platform

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