Who is the Migration Factory?

Proven Expertise

The IBM Systems Lab Services Migration Factory is an experienced group of migration consultants with proven expertise to help clients design, build, and deliver successful migrations to IBM platforms. We help clients reduce the costs and risks of migration with proven processes, specialized tools, and many years of migration experience. We also help clients migrate faster between generations of Power Systems servers with enterprise scale provisioning and live migration automation tools.

Our Services

SAP HANA Migration

We advise clients on prerequisites, tools, and best practices for data migration from any traditional database (Oracle, Db2, Sybase) as well as from legacy SAP HANA on x86 to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. Our experienced SAP HANA migration experts also help clients deliver successful SAP HANA projects.

Open-Source Database Migration

We help clients migrate existing Oracle/MySQL databases to open-source alternatives such as EnterpriseDB (EDB) and MariaDB. We also help clients determine the best way to implement open-source NoSQL databases such as MongoDB in their existing database environments.

Oracle License Optimization

We help clients who run Oracle database software reduce costs. We assess license usage, database features, and options and build an actionable plan for optimization and cost savings. Our database experts also deliver Oracle optimization services that help clients achieve the savings.

POWER8 Migration

We help clients migrate faster between generations of Power Servers with enterprise scale provisioning and live migration automation tools. Our POWER8 server migration delivery services include POWER8 Migration Planning, POWER8 Migration Validation, and POWER8 Migration Automation services.

SAP Migration

Using SAP-Certified tools and consultants, we help SAP clients plan and execute migrations from traditional relational database (Oracle, Db2, Sybase) to an IBM platform. Migration can be to the same database type or a change of database type (e.g., Oracle to Db2).

Platform and Database Migration

We help clients plan and assess server and workload migrations to IBM platforms from legacy environments including Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, and x86 servers. We also help clients with Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and Db2 databases migrate to IBM platforms with minimal downtime and reduced risk.

IBM Systems Lab Services

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IBM Systems Lab Services has the proven expertise to help leaders design, build, and deliver IT infrastructure for the cognitive era.

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