The Latest Research

Companies constantly strive for IT efficiencies and savings. With new technologies and solutions IT staff can work smarter and faster. Use this latest research to help your business.

Hybrid Cloud

Virtual Machines versus Containers

Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Applications with containers can lower server costs and improve response time.

Integrating faster into a hybrid multicloud environment

Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration accelerates your journey to the cloud.

IBM Z technology

Lower workload costs with zIIPs

See how much you can save using the zIIPs estimator

Getting more for less with on-platform analytics

Learn how IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS (IzODA) addresses the problem of moving data off-platform.

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Lower the cost of new business opportunity with IBM Db2 for z/OS Data Gate.


IBM z15 Data Privacy Passports

Protect data wherever it goes and generate a projected 335% ROI.

Compression and Pervasive Encryption

z15 offers the best of both worlds. By combining on-chip compression with pervasive encryption, the cost of encryption can be reduced to practically nothing.

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IBM Z enables new capabilities for secure and efficient disaster recovery.

On-chip compression on z15 can reduce costs and save time in disaster recovery backup procedures.


Choosing a platform for the Temenos Transact banking solution

Learn why the Temenos Transact banking solution on LinuxONE provides savings and greater benefits than other alternatives

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For first-time users of IBM LinuxONE, quantify the business impact of consolidating workloads from x86 servers.

Analytics & AI

Get Faster Insights with Machine Learning for z/OS

IBM Machine Learning on z/OS beats the Cloud when comparing throughput and response time in this live video demonstration.

AI done right

 Learn how the IBM Data-Train-Inference AI model can position enterprises for long-term success

Is artificial intelligence part of your business?

AI has transformed the ability for many organizations to consume and adeptly use data to make critical business decisions. Leverage a Power Systems AI assessment to examine how AI can make a difference.

Power Systems

Lower DR center costs

Hear how a retailer used Power Systems to reduce its disaster recovery center costs.

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Determine where SAP HANA is best suited for your organization and what server architecture you should use. Ask for a no-charge assessment.

IT Economics

Reducing the carbon footprint of computing

IT operating costs, capital expenditures, migration, server upgrades, and maintenance.

Leveraging workload consolidation for lower IT costs

With workload consolidation ratios ranging from 10 to 32.5 distributed cores to one IFL, read why IT organizations consolidate to resolve data center constraints and mitigate cost.

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Motivate early adopters and maximize chargeback/revenue with user value pricing.

An IBM IT Economics assessment

Evaluate technical and economic differences between your existing environment and alternative solutions

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IT operating costs, capital expenditures, migration, server upgrades, maintenance.

Icon emoticon bubbles

Business values (KPIs) and qualities of service (SLAs, security, resiliency, serviceability).

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Workload consolidation, server utilization and performance efficiencies.

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Return on investment and payback period.

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Total cost savings over multiple years.

Modernization with hybrid cloud - icon

Modernization with hybrid cloud.