By integrating IBM Business Automation Workflow and RPA, enterprises can address their business requirements by leveraging people, systems, content and bots in end-to-end workflows.

IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) traditionally relies on APIs to integrate services and systems. However, applications are often not built for integration and therefore don’t have APIs or their source code may not be accessible to define interfaces. By integrating IBM BAW and RPA, workflows are enabled to leverage business applications by replicating the actions of a person. On the other site, existing bots can be used in new scenarios and thus provide additional value to the company.

The following tools support you with the integration of IBM BAW and Blue Prism:

Four steps to an integrated solution:

  1. Develop a bot that controls a backend application
  2. Develop your Process Application (or use the provided sample application). When using the provided sample application, ensure to configure the environment variables to reflect the settings of your Blue Prism environment and the bot parameters.
  3. Leverage the provided toolkit to extend the process to start a bot
  4. Use the Blue Prism asset for IBM Business Automation Workflow to enable the bot to claim and complete a workflow task

Run the end-to-end integrated scenario.

Other DBA integrations are also available from Blue Prism including:

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